10 Mommy Must Haves with The Tot

Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves

As a first time mom there is so many things that you buy because you ultimately just want to be completely ready for anything that the baby may need, and sometimes it can get a little out of hands because then your entire home looks like Babies R Us.  Then you have your baby and realize that maybe you went a little overboard on the baby registry and your own purchases whenever you hit up Target. 😉

So today I am so excited to be partnering with The Tot, which is one of my favorite websites as a mom.  Why you might ask?  Because they are the premier destination that offers trusted advice with mindfully curated safe, non-toxic, innovative and stylish products for conscious parents in a world of overwhelming choice.

Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves

I have mentioned in posts before how Diego and I have gone super healthy and organic since the moment I became pregnant, so when I got this opportunity to partner with The Tot, I was 100% on board.

To share more of how amazing The Tot is, I wanted to show you all an awesome example of how they go above and beyond to make parents, like myself, mindful of what products they are sharing by always posting a “Passing The Tot Test”.  For every tab you select, this information changes and reflects what you have chosen.  No other site that I am aware of does this, and that speaks volumes to myself and my family.

Plus, where possible, all products featured on The Tot are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals, dyes, or anything that may be harmful to you or your baby. Style is important to them and they try and choose materials that are as natural and organic as possible.

Passing The Tot Test

So today I am excited to highlight my “mommy must-haves” product and items I cannot live without from The Tot, plus sharing photos below of what we have and love.

Top 10 Must Haves

  1. Ubbi Diaper Pail– This is amazing because you don’t need any special bags, it is child proof and the fact it actually blocks out the order from all those stinky diapers.  You can check out Sofia putting her own diaper, yes is a real one, in the Ubbi diaper pail below; gotta start them young. 🙂
  2. Baby Carrier– My two favorite are the BABYBJORN and ERGOBABY.  The BABYBJORN is great for babies because it has amazing security to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable, while the ERGOBABY does the same, but it a lot easier to utilize once they get bigger and a lot more wiggley.
  3. Diaper Backpack or a ToteSavvy handbag insert– I have tried out so many diaper bags and the ones that were the best for me were the backpack ones.  It allows you to have both your hands free and it ten times more comfortable then the single strap ones.  Plus, when I am on the go and know I won’t be gone for long with Sofia, I love my ToteSavvy insert because I can through it in my Gucci bag with her favorite things and head straight out of the house.
  4. Stroller– Make sure to get one that is durable and super easy to use, because the more complicated they are, the more frustrated you will be at the end of the day.  Also, ensure you get one that can transition with your child’s age and future children.
  5. Books and Toys– The best way to get your children’s mind going and learning quicker is to red and talk to them as much as possible, and have toys where they can learn skills that help with their development.  One of Sofia’s favorite books is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and we make sure to read it to her every day. 🙂
  6. Activity Gyms and Playmates– So much fun for them and helps them to develop.
  7. Organic Products– For our household, this is all we use with Sofia.  From food, cleaning products, lotion, bed sheets and to what we bathe Sofia in, is all made from organic products.  With so many chemicals out there we want to do better for our daughter and our family to have cleaning products in our home.  Even though it might seem a little more expensive now, we feel in the longer our health is definitely more important, and that is why I love The Tot.
  8. Swaddle/Sleep Sack– These are important for the first couple months after your baby is born.  Your child will transition from a swaddle and into a sleep sack, or at least Sofia did, once they become a little more mobile in the sleeping department.
  9. Bottles, Plates and Cups– Ensure they are made from safe material, they are easy to clean and made to last.
  10. Camera– Last but not least, document as much as you possibly can.  The saying is completely true where time flies by once you have a child, and I totally wish I can make it untrue.  So with each passing day, as Sofia grows, I make sure to document something every step of the way because before I know she will be 18 and heading to college, bawling my eyes out, and just staring back at the videos and the photos wishing I could have a time machine to go back.  So enjoy each moment and take more pictures and videos than you ever have.

Sofia putting her own diaper away. #proudmamamoment
Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must HavesStyle The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves

By the way, how cute is this “Le Tot” tee?  They event have Bestie, Selfie and Wolfpack to name a few.  I mean seriously, I need Sofia to get every single one of these asap, plus they are organic and that makes me one happy mama!!!

By the way, Sofia is wearing a size 4, but they running a little small so if you have a child that is normally a 2/3 I would definitely pick this size as well.

Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves Style The Girl and The Tot Mommy Must Haves

Thank you to RewardStyle + The Tot for sponsoring this post.  As always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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