Hi everyone! I know everyone is excited that pools are slowly but finally opening back up, so today on the blog I wanted to share 16 items that are a must have for your family pool day this summer! I hope this helps you pack for you next fun family day at the pool!

  1. Waterproof mini speaker- this waterproof mini speaker is perfect for the pool or any family outdoor outing
  2. Speedo lifejacket- great quality life jacket for under $20.00
  3. Towel clips- These towel clips keep your towel in place on your tanning chair
  4. Foldable wagon- this folding wagon is a game changer for honestly any family outing because it can transport everything to easily and stores well
  5. Pool toy bag- perfect for storing the kid’s wet toys
  6. Adult float- for when you need to relax in the pool with the kids this four pack of floaties is $36.00
  7. Beach towels- This pack of four huge beach towels is available for $30.00
  8. Monogrammed hat- personalize the cutest poolside hat
  9. Chair cover- this tanning chair cover is microfiber and also has side pockets to store your phone and sunglasses
  10. Portable fan- this fan can attach to literally anything or even stand on it’s own, perfect to keep on a tanning chair
  11. Pool toys- You can never have enough pool toys and this giant 28 piece pack is only $21.99
  12. Goggles- this pack of two goggles comes in tons of other colors and is available for only $13.99
  13. Arm floaties- these arm floats are only $12.99
  14. Backpack cooler/chair- this cooler is perfect for travel because it can be worn as a backpack, has tons of extra storage space, and cane be folded out to become a chair or side table!
  15. Monogrammed coverups- this monogrammed coverup comes in a boy and girl version
  16. Tanning face cover- this little cover clips onto your tanning chair and helps keep the sun off your face when you’re tanning