Hi friends! Since COVID has put a hold on a lot of our travel, we’v decided to stick to a few road trips this summer instead. While planning out our trips I figured I would share a few items that are essential for traveling as a family of four!

  1. Portable charger- always a good idea to have a backup battery pack for emergencies
  2. License plate game- perfect entertainment for the kids and helps them learn the map as well
  3. Wet wipes- these organic wipes are great for face and body and perfect for adults and children
  4. Storage caddy- this caddy will help keep the kid’s toys organized and can fit in the seat next to them for easy access
  5. Ipad holder- this holder clips around the back of a chair so that the kids in the backseat can watch their shows, plus it has extra storage for snacks
  6. Window shades- great for keeping the kids cool on sunny days
  7. Yeti cups- perfect for keeping drinks cold for hours, plus there is a kids non-spill version
  8. Car trash can- this trash can is leak proof and also includes liners
  9. Extra chargers- you can never have enough chargers and this 3 pack is only $10.00
  10. Mini cooler- great for keeping the snacks cool and the mini size won’t take up too much space
  11. Scavenger hunt- another great entertainment idea for the whole family
  12. Kids neck pillow- perfect for keeping your kids head from falling forward while they’re napping
  13. Play table- this play table sits on your child’s lap and is great for playing, coloring, and even eating!
  14. Kids headphones- for when the adults want to listen to their own music
  15. Phone holder- keep your phone propped on the dashboard so you can view the map without having to take your eyes off the road