Freely Womens & Girls Line at Academy

Happy February babes!!!! I can’t believe it is officially the second month of 2022 and honestly I am really excited about it because I felt like January took forever.  Anyone else feel the same as me? 😉 I have been a mom for almost 6 years and I can say that one of my most […]

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Golf Outing for Mother’s Day

I remember for the longest time I always wanted to go golfing with my husband and he never seemed too excited because he knew I would get bored after an hour and want to go home.. If you know about golf then you know it can not be done within an hour because it is […]

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LET’S GO STROS with Academy

Happy April friends and MLB season!!! Since we live in Houston the Rojas family are big Houston Astros fans and can’t wait to get this season going.  I have been a fan since I was a little girl in elementary school when Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell were main players in the mid-90s, and remember […]

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How to Style A Basic White Tee 3 Ways With Stage Stores

3 ways to wear a white tee

When it comes to the item that probably every single woman in the world has, it would be a basic white tee.  Not only is is super versatile and simple, but it is classic, clean and cool and is a constant staple in everyone’s closet.  Whether you are going to the gym, running errands or […]

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Hello 2018 & 5 Couple Goals For The New Year

Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look

Another year has come and gone and now its 2018.  My favorite thing about a new year is that it means a fresh start, new goals to check off the list, new cities to travel too and many more memories to create with my loved ones.  I am excited to also have Style The Hubby […]

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Stronger As A Mother

Style The Girl Stronger As A Mother

Palm Tree Sports Bra // Palm Tree Leggings // Siberia Sports Bra // Siberia Leggings MOTHER. When I think of the word mother, madre, mutter, all I think of is an amazing, strong, compassionate and never ending love…because that is what I think about when I think of my mom.  My mom is one of […]

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3 Tips To Working Out With Your Child

Style The Girl Workout with Puma

Now that I have officially been a mom for a year my workout regime is a lot more active since Sofia is officially a toddler.  If you have followed me for a while now, you will know that I absolutely hate the word “work out” and that I absolutely hate the gym. This has always […]

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2017 Goals & SAHM Workout Regimen

style the girl goals and fitness regimen

As we close out the first week of the year I finally have been able to sit down and really list the few goals that I have planned for this year.  Instead of doing resolutions, which I feel I can never follow through in, goals are the perfect way to be absolutely realistic with yourself. […]

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