Floral Print Wrap Dress

style the girl floral was dress and otk boots

If you guys haven’t heard of Dottie Couture Boutique then you need too.  They have absolultey beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories and you can see all that with what I am wearing.  When they sent me this floral print wrap dress, these peep toe otk boots and necklace (that isn’t available online), I knew that it was the […]

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Lace Up Sweater

style the girl lace up sweater

Hi guys!! Today is such a great Friday for me and any one else that graduated from UH because yesterday we went against #4 Louisville and completely dominated.  Literally, in the first 10 seconds of the game we scored a touchdown and it was a perfect glimpse as to how the rest of the night […]

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Flannel T-Shirt Dress


Hi Guys!!!  I am pretty excited today because my hubby gets back home from a work trip in Chicago and I can’t wait to hug and kiss on him, while also having an extra set of hands for Sofia. 🙂  The past two days Sofia and I have had a lot of fun with tons […]

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Wine Tassel Dress

This week I am going to show you two different pregnancy looks that I didn’t have a chance to post since Sofia came 3 weeks early..she was like “Mom, I am making a grand entrance and you can’t stop me!” 🙂 One of the looks is this H&M ruffled dress with tasseled drawstrings at the […]

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Printed Dress

H&M is and will always be one of my favorite clothing stores.  When they finally came to Houston I think myself and everything other person was excited…I hated only being able to shop it online or when I traveled. I had bought this entire outfit while they had their President’s Day sale, and was so […]

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