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For our first stop to our 1 year wedding anniversary trip my husband and I stopped in Paris.  He knew it was the one place that I had always wanted to go to, so when he was putting this trip together he made sure to have us stop through there first. <3  The first day we got there we walked the Champs D’Elysees, saw the Eiffel Tower, ate a lot of food and ice cream and then went to bed around 7 because we were exhausted.

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The second day was all about exploring the city.

1) Eiffel Tower- We got there early and ending up taking the stairs to really get a feel of the meaningfulness behind the structure, but that quickly ended when I was short for breathe and freaking out when we got to the top because I have a super large fear of heights. lol
_DSC0106_DSC0147 _DSC0159_DSC0193 _DSC0194

2) Musee D’ Orsay- I primary wanted to go here because I wanted to have the infamous clock picture but once we entered it was amazing to see all the statues, paintings, and a original Van Gough._DSC0207 _DSC0216 11698484_10102570389760486_3546041138519424353_n_DSC0247 _DSC0249 _DSC0261 _DSC0272 _DSC0275 _DSC0283 _DSC0290

3) Notre Dame- Right before we went in we decided to have a quick lunch at the Le Notre Dame restuarant and for Diego to get a nice cold beer._DSC0325 _DSC0327 _DSC0329

Once we came in we were consumed on how beautiful this church really was and we took a moment to donate for a candle, while Diego said a little prayer for his dad that is watching out for us above._DSC0400 _DSC0331 _DSC0367 _DSC0382_DSC0387 _DSC0390

After Notre Dame we started walking around the area and getting lost.  We ended up finding a large area with tons of shops and restaurants and we fell in love.
_DSC0406 _DSC0408 _DSC0424 _DSC0425 _DSC0428_DSC0440 _DSC0447 _DSC0449 _DSC0454 _DSC0461

4) Parc Luxembourg was great and not only was it beautiful, it was extremely lively.  People were having lunch, tanning, playing sports, doing homework or enjoying an afternoon nap.  We ended up relaxing under a statue because it was an extremely hot day and enjoyed the scenery._DSC0474 _DSC0497 _DSC0506 _DSC0508 _DSC0509 _DSC051011659488_10102552417018006_360008704167510076_n

 5) Lovure was one of our last stops for the day and with the amount of tourists around we decided not to venture on the other side of the street to get a close up. lol _DSC0512 11351296_10102546693852276_398279696791924932_n _DSC0514 _DSC0515

6) Jardin de Tuilleries and the Palace de la Corde was an absolutely beautiful garden with a Ferris Wheel, restaurants, ice cream and millions of beautiful flowers.  We ended up getting a quick drink to sit down and enjoy the views. _DSC0519 _DSC0522 _DSC0523 _DSC0524 _DSC0525 _DSC052711350848_10102546694121736_3634079414727632562_n _DSC0530

Once it hit late afternoon we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.  Our hotel told us to go to Montemarte and see the Sacre-Coeur for sunset.  So once we relaxed and changed we made a quick stop at Leduree because you can not go to Paris and miss it.  You can read more about this previous post here.  Sacre-Coeur was absolutely gorgeous and had a phenomenal view of was great to see how lively it was and take in everything.  _DSC0726 _DSC0746 _DSC0747 _DSC0758_DSC0767 _DSC0774 _DSC0775 _DSC0781_DSC0777

Once we were done we decided to actually not have dinner in Montemarte and made our way back to the Notre Dame area to enjoy some of the restaurants that we saw earlier while we got lost.  Obviously I was mostly excited about ice cream and the fact they had passion fruit. lol _DSC0787 _DSC0789 _DSC0791 _DSC0797 _DSC0798 _DSC0799 _DSC0800

Our third day in Paris consisted of Versailles and it was spectacular.  We ended up only going into the garden because the wait was almost 2 hrs to go inside, but we felt like we were in the secret garden so it totally was ok. 🙂_DSC0541 _DSC0548 _DSC0554 _DSC0555 _DSC0557 _DSC0562 _DSC0563 _DSC0564 _DSC0566 _DSC0577_DSC0582 _DSC0596 _DSC0600_DSC0621 _DSC0641 _DSC0646 _DSC0648 _DSC0657 _DSC0658_DSC0663 _DSC0669 _DSC0673 _DSC0680 _DSC0695 _DSC0696 _DSC0717

Our Hotel

During our stay in Paris we stayed at the Napoleon which is right next to the Arc De Triumph.  Our room was located on their top floor in one of their Avenue Junior Suites which had an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triumph…can we say swoon!!_DSC0814 11659551_10102570390224556_6164235094169951839_n 11665487_10102570390134736_7216933841785000525_n11215763_10102546822763936_1622897137736557609_n

Au Reviour from Paris


 Pictures taken by IPhone, GoPro and a Nikon D3300


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