First Trimester Looks

Since finding out I was pregnant my body and emotions have definitely been on a roller coast ride.  There are days that I feel completely normal and others I feel like I am a whale and can’t fit into any of my normal clothes.  I remember freaking out and telling my husband, “This cannot be normal, do you think I am having twins, why do I look 5 months pregnant?”.  It wasn’t until I joined The Bump and Baby Center that I realized I was 100% not alone and what I was going through was completely normal.  Thank goodness!! 🙂

Below are some of the looks I would put together when I was out and about in my first trimester to help make the baby bump less noticeable.  One of the hardest parts is trying to keep it a secret for as long as you can because I literally didn’t want to tell any one, other than our families, the good news until I saw our doctor and got the “OK” after my 12 week checkup.  Not only is that hard, but it is almost impossible sometimes, especially at work lol.  Your co-workers see you 8+ hours a day, so I will always be thankful that have my own office so I can hid away when I wasn’t feeling my absolute best.

My Top 4 Pieces for the First Trimester

  1. Flowy Shirts
  2. Boyfriend Denim
  3. Shift/ Swing Dresses
  4. Maxi Skirts

 Flowy Shirt- These are completely essential during your entire pregnancy and I am so thankful that the loose flowy tops are all the rage right now.  Thankfully, I own so many that I won’t have to shop for many more of them.

Boyfriend Denim- The boyfriend denim allows you to still dress like your self, but give you the extra wiggle room in your jeans to be comfortable. 


Shift/Swing Dress- These are my absolute favorite because not only are they super comfortable and soft, they perfectly hide the little baby bump that continues to grow.

Maxi Skirt-  All hail the maxi skirt because it is always a crowd pleaser!! A recommendation is to get one that has tiny stripes/ prints going vertically; they really hid the look of a baby bump.      Be sure to look out for my Style The Baby series were I will have different ways to Style The Baby Bump from month to month. 🙂


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