Black Jumpsuit

So to all my fellow Houstonians, WOW!!!! This rain is absolutely no joke!! It reminds me of last May when it literally rained almost every day..definitely the worse.  Luckily my hubby will be working from home today, so that definitely brightened up Sofia and I’s day. 🙂

So in order to get over this nasty weather I figured why not post about my favorite black jumpsuit.  I got it at Marshalls (duh!) for only $25 and I absolutely love it!!  When it comes to rompers and jumpsuits I have always had the biggest struggle trying to find some that fit since my height and long torso aren’t really meant for them.  I feel it only works for girls under 5’ I am at 5’8. 🙂  So when I tried on this one and it fit like a glove I took it straight to the cashier before anyone else had a chance to see it.

4 Reasons to Wear A Jumpsuit

1.Defines your waist to add extra femininity to your look

2.Easy look to transition from day to night

3.Great for any shape and size

4.A small plunging neckline allows you to be inadvertently sexy without going over the top

Jumpsuit 1 2 3 4 (similar) // Clutch 1 2 3 (similar) // Necklace (similar) // Bracelets 1 2 3 // Sunglasses // Heels 1 2 3

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