Suede Dress

TGIF!!!!  I feel like this week has been the slowest in a while and I am so excited to have my hubby home with me.  This weekend we will actually have a whole Saturday to our selves with no plans.  Ever since Sofia was born we have been going non-stop and honestly, to have a break and be able to whatever we want as a family while be a dream!!

Now, onto this suede dress.

 The suede trend is here and not going anywhere.  From the runways to the walkways there is no cuter look for the moment.  I bought this brown suede dress last summer before I knew I was pregnant and only had the chance to wear it once to a fashion show.  Now that I am 2 1/2 months post pardum, I am enjoying jumping into all my clothes that have been sitting in my closet for months.

style the girl suede dress2

style the girl suede dress6

 style the girl suede dress1

Even those this is a mini suede dress I love it!! I always say a little leg doesn’t hurt anyone, but always in my case it is a lot of leg. 🙂  I can’t help that most designers/companies do not make anything for people over 5’5; at least that is how I feel 99% of the time.  (Here I am at 5’8 :0 ) I created this stylish look by pairing it with one of my favorite fridge heels, another hot trend this year, shoulder bag and these amazing Karen Walker sunglasses that are on repeat!!  The ultimate summer feel! <3

style the girl suede dress3

style the girl suede dress7

style the girl suede dress


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