Denim Skirt

I am sure you have all seen the huge trend come through on the denim skirt and it is anything but basic.  I will have to admit that when I first saw them coming back I had a huge question mark over my head because the last time I remember wearing one was probably in middle school.

Fast forward 15 years and they are coming back in full force.  From different colors, styles and length, this denim skirt will and should be in your closet for the next couple months.

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Since Target is now my go-to store when shopping with Sofia, we always tend to browse the aisles of the woman’s section to pass the time.  When I came across this denim skirt I loved the style and the darker fabric and knew it would go well with all the neutrals that I had in my closet.  Pairing it with this lace up Shein blouse and my new Steven Madden heels ended up being the perfect combo.

style the girl jean skirt2 style the girl jean skirt5 style the girl jean skirt6 style the girl jean skirt8Thank you for following!! <3


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