What I Wore: Brunch Romper

Happy Friday Friends.  I will make this one a short post because it has been a little rough to do any real blog writing lately.  Sofia has been super irritable because she is teething and we are going to see the pediatrician today to help us with some tips and tricks on making her feel better; fyi I have tried everything. lol

Now onto this look. 🙂  A few weekends ago I met up with one of my really good friends Kat from Kat Klein Style to take pictures and have brunch.  We went to Tiny Boxwoods which is one of my absolute favorite places to go to eat in Houston.  It has amazing food, the ambiance is gorgeous and it is connected to a wonderful nursery that you will  see below.

I know I have already shown multiple rompers in previous posts, but it is because I honestly can not get enough and I constantly wear them; this lightweight one from Charming Charlie is literally the best and so cute!!

Have a great weekend!!!



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