NYFW Day 2: Style The Girl

for love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dress

You know when you have a dream and your dream comes true you sometimes don’t know what to do with your self…that is me currently because I still can’t believe I went to NYFW.  It was more than I could have imagined and I am already planning my next trip there. lol

10am- The morning started at the Dan Lui Fashion Show and he had absolutely gorgeous dresses.  It was a Parisian theme, and Paris in general has a very special place in my heart, which made me want every piece that came down the runway.

11am- The girls and I headed to the Shop Style Social House Event and before we even got there I had another amazing fan girl moment.  We were in our Uber and I saw Christine from Hello Fashion Blog to my left and I immediately rolled the window down and started talking to her from the car; while snapping of course. lol  If you followed me you saw it all in the moment and later I saw her manager snapped us as well from the car..so much fun!!  When we got down from the Uber we made our way to officially saw hello and it was the highlight of my day.  She has been one of my blogger mentors for a while so it was great to finally meet her, plus she is half Colombian too which I love.

Once we finally made our way into the Shop Style event the girls and I were left amazed because on each floor was something great. They 21st floor had tons of clothes where you can rent and return for Fashion Week, free pairs of Stuart Weitzman heels, monogrammed scarfs, and a glorious view of NY and the Hudson River.  On the 14th floor they had Bauble Bar, Gigi NY where you got to select your own cross body and get it monogrammed (I got a gorgeous grey snake-skin one), hair and makeup stations, Hallmark, Snapchat, a coffee bar and a Photo Booth.  The 14th floor was definitely my favorite

After spending almost 2 hours there we headed back to the hotel to relax and change before our next show.

3pm- We headed to our next show at Namilia and all I can say was “wow”.   It was definitely not any of our cup of tea and afterwards we asked ourselves how we hadn’t looked into the designer before going. lol

After the show we originally were going to go to a blogger meet up, but myself and 2 of my other blogger babes decided that we wanted to see the city and take a break from the NYFW craziness.  Our first stop was Central Park, but it did not last too long because the girls feet were starting to kill them; NYFW is killer on the feet so always make sure to have band aids.  So what better way then to go get some dinner, right??

We went to the Plaza hotel first but noticed it was more for snacking and cute touristy gifts, so we walked to Fig & Olive and had our first official meal.  All we had been eating was either pizza or hot dogs for the past two days, so it was good to relax, have a delicious meal, great ambiance, amazing company, and good conversations.

After dinner we decided we would venture out one more time for dessert and decided to go to Serendipity.  The girls hadn’t been there before ,but Diego and I went 7 years ago for our 1 year anniversary.  It was great to be back and have a delicious treat.

Now onto this gorgeous Jen’s Pirate Booty Dress from Planet Blue.  The moment I saw this dress online I immediately fell in love.  From its gorgeous crochet detailing, to its bell sleeves and the lace up back, it was a complete head turner and a no brainer to take to NYFW.  Not only did I feel super stylish and sexy, it also made me feel amazing when photographers ran over to take tons of pictures of me in the outfit. 🙂

for love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dressfor love and lemons crochet bell sleeve dress

Thank you Planet Blue for collaborating on this post.


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