Blush Duster Jacket

Happy Wednesday Guys!!! Yesterday I was a little MIA on social media because Sofia and I were running around like crazy.  In the morning Sofia and I were the first ones at Coscto because we were grabbing all the necessities for out first block party bbq.  If you didn’t know yesterday was National Neighbor Day, so Diego and I co-hosted a party for our block with our next door neighbors.

After rushing home to drop off the food, Sofia and I drove to my parents house to pick them up because they had a flight that afternoon to Colombia.  They will be there for a month on vacation and I wish we were going with them, especially since I haven’t been back for 15 years this December.

Once we dropped them off we headed back home and prepped some of the food and items for the party, went for a walk, Sofia had a nap and then daddy got home.  From then on it was full on party mode since the event started at 6pm.  We were nervous that not a lot of people would show it but it was a great turnout.  We met tons of neighbors with little ones like Sofia, and we all are now trying to plan for the next one.

As for this blush duster jacket that is under $30, I cannot wait to really wear it more once the weather gets cooler in Houston.  I feel like I keep telling you all its coming, or that it is here, and the next thing I know it’s back in the high 90’s again…Houston get with the fall program.  This duster jacket is such a great transitional piece for the fall because it’s lightweight and is a great layering piece from pants to dress looks.

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Thank you Shein for collaborating on this post.


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