How To Take On NYFW With A Toddler

Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW

So this post has been a long time coming because I received so many questions and tips on how I even traveled with Sofia while I was at NYFW, and I am excited to finally share a few with you here!!!  I will say that it is definitely not for the faint at heart, but you can totally make it work with if you are willing to do it. 🙂

What To Bring:

  1. A carrier and stroller is an absolute must.  I wore this carrier and my brought my UPPAbaby G-Luxe umbrella stroller as well because it super lightweight, easy to fold and use.
  2. Snacks and Drinks-  This will always be a must and you can never have enough.  From pouches, drinks, Cherrios, Goldfish crackers, water, juice boxes  and more, it is always important to have something on had because they can meltdown at any second and at least with Sofia you give her something to eat and she goes from being hangry to happy. 😉
  3. Helper- I absolutely could not have gone to fashion week if my sweet sister did not come with me.  She was super helpful and would watch Sofia while I went to meetings, a show or would shoot looks and I could not have been more thankful!!!!  I could not have done it without her.
  4. Patience-  Lots of it.  Being in NYC is difficult as it is without a child, but add that to the mix then it can sometimes be a struggle.  Take time to breathe and not stress out from the people, the amount of traffic and everything else you might have going on.
  5. Cash- At times you don’t have time to sit down and eat a real meal, so grabbing pizza or hot dogs on the side of the street to run to the next event or activity is powers you through the rest of the day.

Things To Do/Know:

  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!! Find a hotel that is close to things you would want to do.  The hotel I found for us was centrally located in Midtown right off 5th Avenue and we loved it.  Due to it being my sisters first time in NYC I wanted a hotel that was close to a bunch of main attractions so she can make sure she sees all the main sites of the city; plus the stunning view of the Empire State Building on our rooftop was not to shabby.
  2. Hotels- Ensure your hotel has amenities that allows it to be more comfortable with a toddler.  From free breakfasts, to a place to purchase food quickly, to a crib and being located near a grocery store, CVS or a place to easily grab food is perfect.  Our hotel had a Chick Fil A at the corner so I can grab Sofia some grilled chicken with fruit and on the other side was a CVS, so it was the best!!
  3. Time- Account for a lot of extra time needed to get and do anything.  NYC is always busy and packed as it is, but during fashion week and also around 9/11 it is a lot worse.  So depending on where you are in the city account for 2 to 3 times the amount of time you will spend getting somewhere.
  4. Car Services– Uber and Lyft are the way to go in the city if you want a cheaper fare, but be aware to always plug in a major store or address before to requesting because a lot of times the address the app pulled were not correct and we would have to go a block or two over just to get to them.  This is totally annoying with a toddler and carrying tons of stuff.
  5. Car Seat?– When traveling to NYC you do not need to bring your car seat.  Just strap your child to your carrier and sit with them in the backseat…totally the European way to do it.  I remember telling a blogger friend of mine who was heading to NYFW too and she was so happy I told her because she would have brought hers.
  6. Time Management- Before you head to NYC plan out your meetings and event so that they are all walkable to maximize your time and limit your expense or a Uber or the subway, or close enough so your not hopping around the city and miss out opportunities to be where you want/need to be.
  7. Parks–  With a toddler utilize the many parks around the city to let them have fun and run around.  Sofia has so much energy as it is that keeping her cooped up in a carrier or on a stroller is completely unrealistic and cruel and will definitely make her a very unhappy baby.
  8. Missing Shows-  So this totally happened to me because of a mixture of time management and this immense traffic issues in NYC.  I ended up missing 2 shows because I didn’t plan right and by the time I would get there I would be too late for the show.  So be prepared that this might happen and just make sure to send your condolences to the designer so they will want to invite you again the following year.
  9. Have fun and enjoy the city!!!!  Yes your coming for the shows and all the meetings, but also remember to take a breather and enjoy this amazing place.  NYC is seriously one of my favorite cities in the US because of all the hustle and bustle, many cute shops, restaurants, people, environment, boroughs and so much more.

Thank you so much for following and hope these tips were helpful!!

Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW

Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW Style The Girl Overall and Turtleneck Mommy and Me look NYFW

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