What I Took Away From Create & Cultivate

Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate

This past Saturday I was able to attend the Create & Cultivate Conference at the Galleria, and I was so glad that I did.  Being around so many strong women that are bosses and goals on where I want my brand to go was amazing.

The moment they posted it on their Instagram I signed up immediately and placed it on Diego and I’s family calendar so that nothing else would take up that day. lol Plus I was going to have serious FOMO if I missed out.

Create & Cultivate Houston was packed with tons of inspirational speakers from bloggers to famous actress Sophia Bush, to fun goody bags, insta-worthy photo ops at every corner and even an area for hair and makeup touch-ups…seriously too cute!!  They totally sell inspiration, that is for sure!! 😉

So what did I take from Create & Cultivate??  More inspiration versus true business advice.

If you look at the panel from the moment you sign up, you are super excited to hear and meet other woman who inspire you and hope to learn a thing or too that will help build your brand, but honestly everything that was said was already things I knew.  For me it was more a Q&A for the bloggers that C&C setup that was very generic questions, and a lot of times directed to specific bloggers on the panel and would leave others out.

I know this event was a lot different from most of the other C&C events, as it was half the time, had no mentors, fewer panels and workshops, and to an extent I wish Houston could have gotten the same type of opportunity that I have seen at other C&C conference.  I have watched tons of videos taken afterwards from those and it was so inspiring and got me so excited for this one, so I was hopefully to receive the same type of opportunity, sadly it wasn’t.

Even with this being the case there were 3 things that I took away from the conference, whether they be brand new or just a reiteration of what I need to remind myself to do..here are my take aways.


  1. BE CILANTRO. Sometimes you will be cilantro. Some people will be in love with you and your brand and others can’t stand you, but that is completely fine because you will never have everyone love you…EVER!  This was my favorite thing that Courtney Kerr spoke about at the conference because I always beat myself up about people not liking me or whatever, but I really shouldn’t care because the ones that do are WAY MORE IMPORTANT than people who aren’t.  QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.
  2. BE BOLD.  Don’t let brands run over you and not pay you for your worth and all the work that you put into your brand.  If they don’t want to pay, but want tons of things from you…NEGOTIATE ALWAYS!  If it’s not meant to be than that is ok, and something better will be right around the corner.  Just TRUST in YOURSELF and YOUR WORTH.
  3. COMPARISON GAME.  DON’T DO IT.  As much as we as woman do this to ourselves day in and day out, try your hardest not to do it.  We are all special in our own way and that is why we are who we are and why we have readers that are engaged in our content.




Thanks so much for reading everyone and see below for my look at the Create & Cultivate conference and linked all the details at the very top. <3

Have a great Monday!!

Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate

Style The Girl Corduroy Skirt and Turtleneck with Create and Cultivate Photos by Banavenue

style the girl

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  1. “Be Cilantro” – LOL! Love it! These tips are really great. I’ve learned so much myself from attending conferences like these and the networking is great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. All 3 of those points are so important to remember! #1 reminds me of the quote “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

  3. I’m so grateful for you sharing a 100% honest and real experience from this event. I’ve heard so many incredible things about these events, but never been to one, and this helped me decide whether or not it was worth it to try to go the next time I see one pop up. Sadly, we never have ANY near me, but maybe someday I’ll get to travel!

  4. Those three points are really hitting home for me. Will you just say them to me in person! LOL! It sounds like an amazing conference! I hope to attend one day and you my friend are a total babe!

    1. Thank you so much babe, I really appreciate it!! Def see when there is one close to you and sign up ASAP, it’s totally worth it!! Omg you are too sweet thank you 💗

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