Happy Birthday To Me & Your Questions Answered

Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me

Hi Friends!!! Tomorrow is officially my birthday and I can not believe it is here already; I swear the year just comes and goes so quickly and the older I get the faster it comes.

A few weeks ago I asked you all on Instagram to send me any and all questions you might have for me and I would out in in my birthday blog post, so here it is!! <3  Thank you to each of you who wrote me and took the time to ask these questions, because I enough answer them.


  1. What would I be doing if i wasn’t blogging? Honestly I always new fashion would be apart of my career path.  I went to school for it and I would probably be doing something with it in some scoop of my life.
  2. What is my dream job?  Being able to blog, talk fashion, style outfits, travel and work with companies that I love is seriously a dream job, BUT, if it had to be something else it would be to have my own travel show or being in entertainment like E News. 😉
  3. Favorite Houston restaurants?  So if you follow me at all your know that when it comes to restaurants there are a few I love, but also a ton more I need to go too.  1) Tiny No 5/Tiny Boxwood 2) Grazia Italian 3) Carrabas 4) The Dunlavy 5) Adair Kitchen 6) Hugo’s and more but I can’t even think of them right now.
  4. How do I edit my photos?  On my phone and I love and use Snapseed for years.  So great and easy.  For my professional photos I will use lightroom, if of course my photographer Yash doesn’t do it for me.
  5. What are my future goals for blogging?  Continue to grow my following, build my brand by working with more amazing companies that I love and are authentic to me and what I love, have my own online shopping store and really build my Youtube channel.
  6. How did I get started with STYLETHEGIRL and move it into a business? So I started it off with my typical over the top outfit shots that a lot of people were doing 3+ years ago.  I was always into fashion so this felt like a fun avenue to share my style.  After a year or so I had friends tell me I needed to create a blog, but I always thought they were crazy because I didn’t think anyone would want to see more or anything I had to say.  Finally one day my friend Lea really convinced me and I thought, “Why the hello not.”  Within 2-3 weeks my site was up and running.  I know most fashion bloggers grow their following on IG first, but I wanted something of my own.  So with 200+ followers of mainly friends, I changed my account to public, changed my name to STYLETHEGIRL and the rest is history.  Once I hit 10k of followers is where I really could see be making this a business, as a micro influencer, and partnerships starting coming in sporadically and then consistently.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do this, but there is a lot of work, heartache and behind the seems struggles than you can imagine, but I love it all because it has gotten me to were I am today and allowed me so know that I never have to go back to work again; at least for someone else. 😉
  7. What made you say “this is what I want to do” and how did you go about it in the beginning? Like I stated above, it just felt right,  Doing this has made me so extremely happy and completely fulfilled. It is my little haven, my space, something that no one can take away from me and I decide what I want, how I want it and what I decide to share with you all.  It always be to be my own boss and create me own runs…it’s the best feeling.
  8. Can you give advice on how to stand out and create a unique and successful blog? Be yourself!!! Anyone that asks me I always say this first.  Even if there are hundreds upon thousands of bloggers, which there are, there is no one out there like you.  Each person has their own special qualities, own special style, special voice, special everything…so share you.  Doing all this will allow your blog to be successful and unique, trust me. <3
  9. What does Diego do for a living? Diego is a Mechanical Engineer but works as a project manager for a company that does work for all the big Oil & Gas Companies.  I always say my husband it the smartest man I know and will be a VP in the next 5 years….he is amazing.
  10. Do I plan to speak Spanish to Sofia? Yes, 100% percent. Diego will speak to her when we are home and both of our families speak spanish.  My mom speaks to her in German, so I am hopeful she will be tri-lingual when she grows up. <3
  11. What made me want to go to UH? My parents would not pay for me to go anywhere. lol I was actually going to go to UT, but I didn’t have any scholarships and of course it is expensive.  it was cheaper for me to stay in Houston and go to UH.  As a high schooler you just want to get away, but now looking back it was the best place for me, and I love UH!! Go Coogs!
  12. What was my major?  Consumer Science and Merchandising in the Technology College.
  13. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging? Favorite Things- The people I have met along this journey have become my closest friends, the partnerships with companies I have only dreamed about working with, going to NYFW twice, being my own businesswoman and a boss.  Least Favorite Thing- There can be clicks, girls can be mean and your worth and value is based on a number…number of followers, number of engagement, number of likes and etc.  Everyone has value and it sucks when your value is based on that.
  14. Am I a healthy eater?  If so, what are my favorite meals? I would love to say I am a healthy eat, but I am not.  Diego has always been the healthy one and since we have had Sofia it has gotten better though.  My favorite meals are anything Italian and Mexican. lol Plus I love a yummy pizza.
  15. How do I manage to do everything on my busy schedule? Honestly, I have no idea how I do this something and can get super stressed out knowing I have so much to do in such little time. The big thing I do not right is if I have plans, make sure they are all in the same area and knock them out.  You won’t see me going from one side of town to the other unless I really need too.  Also, I make sure I am always on time.  If you schedule right, you can make your meetings, lunches, grocery shopping duties, school drop-offs and more.  I will also wake up early so I can get ready before Sofia so we can get her up, eating her breakfast and changed before we head out.
  16. How do you get “out there” and able to gain contracts and partnerships with companies? This definitely takes time, but honestly what really helped bring more of this to fruition is once I hit 10k.  In the beginning of blogging you will get a lot of messages from small businesses and companies who want you to work for free, and I did that a lot because you want to create partnerships with companies and also to feel somewhat credible.  It helps to get you out there, but also it is so smart to tag your brands in your photos and hashtag as well, the more you use it, the more you will pop up on their feed and if they feel you are the right fit, then you ill get that special email. <3  One big thing to remember is give it time and remember we all have started somewhere.  Things will happen I promise.
  17. How do I stay in great shape?  So I know you will probably hate me for saying this, but I am naturally a skinny girl..blame it on my mom’s German genes. lol  Some things that have helped me stay in great shape after Sofia was here, primarily.  She is a very active toddler now, so from chasing her, picking her up and carrying so much stuff is a constant workout.  At 6 months I joined Fit4Mom, where you work out with your baby in their strollers with other mamas and that was amazing and really helped me get more pumped to working out again.  Now I just joined Orange Theory last month and have been loving it.  I only go 4x a month, but it really feels so good.
  18. Can you share your diet, workout and skincare regimen? So I have actually never had to diet in my life, but since I became pregnant we and buy organic with everything we possibly can and that has been helpful.  For workoutI wrote it above. 🙂  As for my skincare regime I mix it up every once in a while, especially if I get new products in.  I love the First Aid Beauty night creams and also anything that has to do with de-puffing my undereyes because mine are genetic and are dark and baggy..woohoo. ;(  Hey, we can’t win them all right.
  19. Can you please do a “Husband Dresses Me For A Week”?  Oh my god this would be the funniest and best thing ever, plus I think Diego would love it!!!  This will totally have to be a video because I can’t imagine how crazy this will be. hahah

Thank you all so so much for sending in all these amazing questions and don’t forget if you have any more please don’t hesitate to message me.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. <3

Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me v\Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me

Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me Style The Girl Happy Birthday To Me Style The Girl Happy Birthday To MeStyle The Girl Happy Birthday To MeStyle The Girl Happy Birthday To Me

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