When Life Gives You Lemons

asos floral cut out romper at parker palm springs hotel

When Life Gives You Lemons…you drink on the Lemonade!!!  I officially landed back in Houston last night after a weekend in Palm Springs with my best mama friends and I seriously had THE best time.  After a few hiccups the first day we settled in and enjoy every minute of our time there…and lots of amazing photoshoot opportunities. Hence these amazing pictures.

For the second and full day in Palm Springs the first thing we did was a 10am brunch at Norma’s inside the Parker Palm Springs hotel.  The Parker hotel is such a staple and it was a MUST on our list of things to do and see.  We were really hoping to be able to roam the grounds to get some amazing shot of visit the Lemonade stand that it is known for, and a few people told me that it was only available to guests on the property.  We decided to just ask someone to see what they said and we spoke to Guiseppe the restaurant manager and he actually said he would give us a private tour of the grounds…like WHAT????

Some fun things we found out were that the property was completely designed by Jonathan Adler, the Parker family stays on the property every Christmas, the minimum costs of a wedding is $150k…and after seeing what they do I totally get it, the carpet from the movie “The Shining” is on one of the properties towards the back, and the well known Lemonade stand makes lemonade from lemons that are only grown on the property…how cool is that??

I wore this cute $40 floral romper and it worked perfectly with this amazing set and property.  Not only for the design but also because it was 102 degrees, the less fabric and weight the better.  I also loved the open cut detailing in the front to give it a little bit of extra fun.

This week going into the next I will give more details from our trip so make sure you follow along. 🙂

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