6 Ways To Style Over The Knee Boots in a Dress or Skirt

6 ways to wear over the knee boots

If you have followed me long enough then you know that over the knee boots are my jam, seriously, and even more so now that I have found some that are the most amazing things ever.

When it comes to picking out the right over the knee boots I always go towards a suede version because they are luxe, have some stretch and look classic and stylish for many years or wear.  One other many piece of advice when purchasing a pair is to ensure you find one that actually stays “over the knee”.  If you look at the last photo in this series you can see exactly what I mean, but over the last year I have found THE PERFECT ONE, that I swear one.

From staying up, to coming a black, camel and grey, to a perfect suede texture, shop HERE for the perfect over the knee boot and it is currently on sale with the code GMJOY30!!! I highly suggest purchasing as soon as possible to wear for the fall and winter season.

So without further ado here are some options on styling your over the knee boot via dresses and a skirt open 2 ways.

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Styling With Dresses

I tend to opt for a sweater dress, body con or oversized dress when I pair it with my over the knee boots.  Since the boots are so slimming I want to make sure they show off my legs and that my outfit is a good balance to them.

styling over the knee boots styling over the knee boots styling over the knee boots styling over the knee boots

Styling the Same Skirt 2 Ways

The skirt is obviously a favorite of mine because I wear it so much and it goes great with over the knee boots.  Here are two different version of boots that I have, but my favorite is the first one because it actually stays up on my legs.  The second pair was my first one a few years ago, but since I got this new one I plan on never going back.

So whether you still the skirt and the boots with a turtleneck and a newspaper hat or with a moto jacket and bodysuit, you are sure to make a statement.

styling over the knee boots styling over the knee boots

style the girl

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