Back To School with Pottery Barn Kids & 5 Toddler Friendly Lunch Meals

back to school with pottery barn

Here we go mamas and kids, it is back to school season and we are so ready here in the Rojas household.  Growing up I always loved getting a new backpack and lunchbox for the school year because it meant a fresh start and a new beginning.  Sofia is starting her 3rd school year at our Mother’s Day Out program and it is officially the first year where she enjoys having a backpack and lunchbox to put all of her items and to show everyone her new  Pottery Barn Kids pieces. 🙂 

When we went into our local store there were so many prints and color combinations to choose from that it took her a few seconds to choose which one she wanted to bring home with her; it was a hard choice between Pixar Cars and the McKenzie Pink Sparkle Glitter collection because she is so obsessed with Lighting McQueen and the color pink.  It just shows how fun her little spirit is and that she is the best mix of a tomboy and girly girl.

After picking out the McKenzie Pink Sparkle Glitter backpack in the small size, McKenzie lunchbox and McKenzie pencil case I grabbed a few other items that will make putting her lunch together that much easier, which I will be sharing down below. 🙂  Sofia immediately put it to good use once we got home and took it to her playroom where we have a little table for her to write, draw, read books and more.  She was so excited to be a “big girl” and for the new school year with her Pottery Barn Kids items.

I think one of the things about going to school with Sofia I was most nervous about was the lunches.  What do I put in it, what are the other kids eating, do I give her a meal or a bunch of little snacks?  The list could go on. After quite of bit of trial and error I realized that I didn’t need to over think it and just needed to give her small portions of nutritious and well balanced food so she could enjoy her lunch.

The first lunch box I ever grabbed Sofia was this bento box from Pottery Barn Kids and it is amazing. It comes in a bunch of colors and I love that it has so many compartments for food, but if you want to go the container route I will share a bunch we have at home below.  As for drinks they have a ton of bottles to hold cold and hot substances in multiple colors and in Disney/Pixar styles as well.

5 Toddler Friendly Kid Lunch Options

  1. Graham Crackers, pretzels, cheese, oranges and carrots
  2. Strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, yogurt & a ham and cheese sandwich
  3. Goldfish, apples with blueberries, popcorn, applesauce pouches, one egg and cucumbers
  4. Carrots with hummus, cheese, grapes, graham crackers and two hard boiled eggs
  5. Popcorn with pretzels, carrots and cucumbers with hummus, apples with blueberries and strawberries

When making Sofia lunches I try to pick up to 10 items she likes to eat and then mix them in different ways throughout the week so it is new and doesn’t seem redundant.  She has been loving lunch so much more now and when I pick her up and all her lunch is eaten that makes me really happy mommy.

Some other containers I use for Sofia for lunch or on the go is below. 

Thank you Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photos by Arzu Vargas Photography.

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