Girls Weekend In Vail

Hi ladies and Happy Thanksgiving week!!! I am so excited for all the family time and yummy about you guys?

This past weekend I went to my little’s bachelorette party in Vail and the moment she said we were going there I was so excited.  I have never been to Vail before and being able to see snow and be in the mountains before the holidays sounded like the most ideal little trip ever.


We stayed at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort in Lionshead Village, which is only a mile or less than Vail Village.  The beautiful and friendly Lionshead Village is completely closed off to cars and buses, offering a short walk to the Arrabelle Square outdoor ice rink (with skate rental) and numerous shops and restaurants.

Vail Village is connected by pedestrian-friendly heated streets, and is the perfect place for families to stroll after a mountain adventure or even for groups to bar hop at night.  We went here everyday and grabbed dinner, partied, shopped, ice skated and walked our way back to our hotel which is a quick 15 minute walk; though it might take longer with all the stopping for shops and such.


Since we arrived around 12:30pm on Friday in Denver we took a private car for the 5 of us to Vail; it is about an 2 hours drive so make sure to get comfy and take at least 1 pee break stop.  The view is seriously stunning on the way to Vail and it even started to snow when we driving. That was magical.

Once we arrived we got all situated and then decorated the brides suite while she was off getting fitted for snow boarding the next day.  After we hung out for a little we all got ready and then had dinner at Yama Sushi at 745 which then followed by going to to a underground bar and dance club that is right next to Red Lion, but of some reason I can’t find the name on any map or website. lol

On Saturday after brunch at Vintage half of us went snow boarding and the other half (myself included), explored Vail Village and walked all the way back to Lionhead Village where we stayed.  We ate, shopped, took tons of photos, ice skated, tried to build Olaf but it didn’t work and just enjoyed every bit of the gorgeous day and scenery.  It was so fun and relaxing and I kept telling the bride that this was the best bachelorette I have been on.

We finally made our way back to the hotel right before 5pm when it starts to get dark and relaxed a little before we all got ready to go out for the night.  We had some fun and some bachelorette party games that will stay in Vail and afterwards made our way to dinner at Sweet Basil.

Sunday the girls were down for the count in the morning and since I left early I was up and ready by 9am.  So I decided to go and do a Gondola ride by myself to the top of the mountain to see the sites and enjoy the 4 hours I had before we needed to head to the shuttle to take us back to Denver and our flights to Houston.

It was $46 for a single scenic ride Gondola ride out of Vail Village and I made my way up and honestly was freaking out quite a bit.  Going up is definitely more nerve wrecking then coming down but I will say that the view was nothing but spectacular.  At the top there is a restaurant where you can relax and eat and that is exactly what I did.  After spending about 30 mins up there I made my way down and headed back to the hotel to check out and visit the girls in their suite and help clean up little before we all had to leave.


Yama Sushi– The bride love sushi and since I was in charge of food I knew I had to make sure she had some.  This place was yummy and right in the city center of Vail but you felt like you had to order a lot to get full; atlas based of what the girls said.  After we ate we walked around and did some dancing and the girls did the drinking.

Vintage– This place was where we had brunch on Saturday and it was delicious.  From chicken and waffles, french toast and a yummy all american breakfast, we each enjoyed everything we ate and would have definitely gone back for more.

Sweet Basil- For Saturday night we headed to here which had awesome reviews and the food looked super yummy.  We each shared some bacon and ranch brussel sprouts and then got a mixture of food which we all devoured. There was seriously not a lick of food left on each of our plates and we were really happy about that.

The Little Diner- Sadly myself and one of the girls didn’t get to enjoy this since we were about to miss our shuttle, but the other girls absolutely loved it and i am sure enjoyed the cheeseburgers that we had planned on eating in the car ride back to Denver.  Most locals stated that it is a favorite in town so we would suggest it.  Plus it is literally around the corner fro our hotel which made it really convient.

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