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Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl

On February 1st I celebrated my Over The Moon baby shower for little Baby Rojas #styletheboy. My shower was hosted by 5 of my most amazing blogger friends that are now my bestest friends and they really knocked this baby shower OUT OF THE PARK.  During my shower I was in my bedroom getting ready and they would not let me out of my room until everything was done and when I finally got to see my house turned in the perfect Over The Moon baby shower I was speechless.  It was truly magical and they made it even better the I could ever imagine.

So Annie, Keli, Mashid, Rebekah and Roselyn I love you all so much and you will never understand how grateful I am for you ladies and making this day so magical.

Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl


Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl


To all my family and friends who came out to celebrate Baby Boy Rojas you have no idea how much I love each and every one of you.  This day was so magical and special and I really wish I could go back in time to a 3 weeks ago so we can do it all over again. <3


One of the factors of my baby shower that I really was wanting was a grazing table.  Since my shower was 1-3pm it gave everyone a chance to snack on a bunch of amazing and yummy food after lunch and before dinner.  The magician behind my grazing table was LEGENDAIRY KATY and I can honestly say that this table was the hit of the entire party.  Everyone marveled at the amazing options, the gorgeous display and how it just blew you away the moment you saw it.  If you are in the Houston or surrounding areas and looking for some one to make your next event even more amazing with a grazing table or a charcuterie board I would 1000% recommend them. 🙂

Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirlOver The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl


Another factor that I think truly makes an event is balloons, and not just any balloons but a balloon arch.  When you enter my house I have my staircase to the side and I knew it would make a statement to have a gorgeous balloon arch that covered the whole area.  Balloons By Isabella completely made my dream come true and it was a perfect WOW factor the second you came into the house.  They will even be helping me for Sofia’s 4th birthday that is coming up so I am really excited about that.  Make sure to check their website and their IG to see all their amazing work.

Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirlOver The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl


Another must have at a baby shower is sweets of course and the amazing mother daughter duo at Galis Goodies really put the icing on the cake…pun intended. :). From the gorgeous 1/2 naked cake, to the cake pops and the covered strawberries everything was seriously so DELICIOUS!!! I remember my mother in law wanted to take a part of the cake home, but I told her no because I was not willing to share. lol. She got cake pops and the strawberries of course.


Baby showers can’t be completed with at least some flowers and the babes at Picked Flower Co made the most gorgeous center pieces ever!!!! If you are looking for a flower company for your next event, whether it be a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or birthday you must definitely reach out to them.  Thank you ladies!!

Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirlOver The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl


Since I knew I would have more people in my hose then normal I really wanted to get tables and chairs to accommodate everyone to relax, talk and eat.  Thanks to Sky High Party Rentals for providing these for us. 🙂  We ended up using 2 6ft tables that could fit 11 chairs which worked out perfectly.

Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl Over The Moon Baby Shower #stylethegirl

Thank you to everyone that helped making this moment and shower so special.  Love you all and Baby Boy Rojas is so loved. #styletheboy <#

Photography: Arzu Vargas Photography

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