What’s Inside My Hospital Bag: Must Haves

Hospital Bag Must Haves STYLE THE GIRL

Hi loves!! I am officially 3 weeks until baby boy is suppose to arrive and I finally have compiled my hospital bag details for all of you.  Please note that these are only ideas to make your time in the hospital easier and less stressful, but I promise the hospital will give you a lot of things once you are there, like diapers, wipes, baby lotion and wash, things for yourself after birth, similac if needed and more.


•Wallet & ID card for registration

•Blood Cord Registry (if you have)

•Insurance Card


Breast Pump & Bra

Nipple Cream



Carry On Bag



•Nursing friendly pjs (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3)

•Clothes to leave in

•Baby’s going home outfit

Baby Mittens

Extra bag for the items you leave the hospital with 

•Toiletries-take a trip down the travel aisle and grab all your favs 

Makeup bag 

Makeup wipes


Ear plugs

Slippers/no slip socks

Breast pad 

Cardigan bc it gets cold

Nursing bra

•Nipple Cream



•Extra Diapers (they will provide you them at the hospital)

•Baby Wipes (they will provide at the hospital as well)


•Snacks to eat & drinks

•Nurse snacks as a THANK YOU

Letter Board



Extra long phone cord 

Portable charger


Hope these are helpful mamas and please let me know if you have any questions or other suggestions. 🙂

Hospital Bag Must Haves STYLE THE GIRL

style the girl

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