Golf Outing for Mother’s Day

I remember for the longest time I always wanted to go golfing with my husband and he never seemed too excited because he knew I would get bored after an hour and want to go home.. If you know about golf then you know it can not be done within an hour because it is an all day affair. 😉  Fast forward 7 years and here we are with two kiddos, playing golf during the weekdays to have some fun family time, while doing it all within the hour.  Oh how times have changed. 

With the pandemic last year we were trying to use our brains to find as many family friendly activities that were outside, allowing us to have fun and move our bodies while also keeping our distance from others.  Golf became our thing during Mother’s Day last year and we absolutely love it and it has now become our family activity.

When we get ready for a fun golf day we always head to Academy Sports + Outdoors to pick up essentials from golf balls, to drinking cups, kids clothes (because they grow like weeds), golf gloves for all sizes and clothes to make it easier to move and swing in.

For a fun Mother’s Day idea, I highly recommend doing a fun family day at the golf range.  You can find a local one right by you and they have multiple tee times throughout the day that works best for you and your family’s schedule.  We personally like using the site GOLF NOW to book ours.

Enjoy the outdoors, have a blast in the golf cart and play some music (honestly that might be Sofia’s favorite part), hitting golf balls around whether you are good at it or not, laugh and just be with each other.  It truly makes for such a fun day. 



Thank you to Academy Sports + Outdoors for sponsoring this post.  As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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