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Hi friends! We got back from Disney about two weeks ago but man are we missing it! Sofia and I had the absoulet best time on our mommy and daughter trip. Since I got lots of questions about out trip I wanted to go ahead and create a blog post with them so if you’re looking to travel to Disney or are curious about our trip you can always refer back to it here!

  • Q: Did you use a travel agent? A: No, I booked everything through the Disney website about 3 months in advance. Things book up quickly so I wanted to gve enough time for reservations. For breakfast/lunch/dinner at the restaurants you need reservations so at the 60 day mark when they open up I would recommend booking then! I had a reminder set to book the day they opened up. For flights we used points.
  • Q: Do you need to have a car seat on the shuttle from the resort to the parks? A: No, you can hold your child or depending on their age they can have their own seat. We stayed at the Grand Floridian and they had bus lines to each park and the driver will ask how many people are in your party to seat you appropriately. The buses were supr convenient and each hotel had their own specific buses.
  • Q: Did you buy a fast pass? How long was the wait for the rides? A: Fast pass isn’t available right now but just keep track of your disney app for ride wait times. Wait times tend to get quicker later in the day. or you can always try to be the first ones in line when the park opens. The longest wait time we experienced was about an hour for Star Wars but the wait went down to only 20 mins by 7 pm.
  • Q: Do you feel a 2 year old would enjoy Disney? A: Absolutely! We took Sofia to disneyland when she was 22 months and made so many memories. They may not be able to ride all the rides depending on their height, but it’s such an amazing experience still.
  • Q: What are the prices for parks and hotels? A: That all depends on when you go, how long you plan to stay, and which hotel you want to stay at. Since this was Sofia and I’s first flight since covid, i wanted to pick a nice hotel that was also convenient. I paid about $2,000 for park tickets + hotel and used the current promotions.
  • Q: Best park for a 2 year old? A: Magic Kingdom was 100% so magical. The parades and rides are made for younger children and has a lot of classic Disney characters everywhere. Hollywood Studios is awesome too and more pixar based but we took Sofia there when she was younger and loved it.
  • Q: Covid restrictions/rules? A: Masks had to be worn in all indoor places, when entering/leaving parks, and in line for all rides/buses/hotels. Once you are in the park and outdoors you can remove your mask to walk around. This just became a rule on may 15th due to new cdc guidelines. This helped because it gets hot during the day!
  • Q: What is a season pass holder? A: Someone who hold an annual pass to Disney parks. You can get discounted rates on merchandise, exclusive items, photopass options, and much more! Visit the disney site for more information.
  • Q: How was the temperature? A: It would get to the high 60s at night so we had a little cardigan to throw on but it would be about high 80s during the day and it honestly felt great.
  • Q: What fanny pack did you use? A: My exact fanny pack sold out but I found another one for $17.00 and has 2 extra side pockets. I highyl recommend using a fanny pack for phones, cards, etc.
  • Q: How was it managing the stroller through the trip? A: So easy! Since it was just the two of us I grabbed our stroller that we have used on multiple trips. I suggest something that folds for the skyline, bus, etc. All parks also have stroller parking everywhere so you can leave it when you need to. So glad we brought a stroller so Sofia wouldn’t be too worn out!
    Q: Do you have an airline credit card with points? A: Yes I have a SW credit card and we also have a United card + American Express to rack up points.
  • Q: What activities were better for her age? A: Any ride that was more slow pace. We did the goofy barnstromer which is a mini rollercoaster and it scared her. All depends on the child but rides like It’s a small world, peter parn, litte mermaid & etc. were easier. Also just walking around and seeing parades/characters is always fun!
  • Q: How much should I save for a trip? A: That depends on how many people are coming, how many days you want to stay, and how many park days. I would honestly do your research during times you want to go and get an estimate of what it would cost so you can budget accordingly. You can bring snacks and drinks into the park which saves money and just bring your disney items instead of buying them at the park.
  • Q: Were you scared of sofia getting covid? A: Not at all! If we were closer to people in ride lines we were wearing masks and inside everything is socially distanced. We have been safe with everything from the beginning!
  • Q: How did you take your pictures? A: We thankfully had a friend who took most of our pics. I don’t believe tripods are allowed, but everyone is super nice and would definitely be willing to to take your faimly pics! Plus you can always pay the park photographers.
  • Q: Do they notify you when the restaurants are open for reservations at the 60 day mark? A: I never got one, but I just set a reminder in my phone so I wouldn’t miss it!
    Q: Were the resorts worth it? A: For us personally we loved it! Everything was convenient, clean and gorgeous. So easy to get to the parks.

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