Falling for Family Fun with Target

Thank you Target for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fall is coming September 22, but to me the moment we hit September 1st I turn my home into a mini fall paradise. 😉 I think it is safe to say that anyone who follows me knows how much I love Target, I mean I share my Target Tuesday’s weekly, and so of course I had to hit it up for all the newest fall decor and home pieces. Target is the place to find so many affordable and inspiring products to enhance your family fun this fall.

I have been wanting to update my breakfast table for so long, and even though I know it won’t last with 2 kids right now a mom can dream right? From the cute black ceramic pumpkin, pumpkin serving dish, cotton plaid table runner, and simple white plates that are perfect all year round.

 I decided with the cooler weather coming I wanted to do some fun baking with my daughter because we always have the best time when we do, so I grabbed a few products from the Good & Gather brand like cinnamon sugar, sugar, flour for our favorite Snickerdoodle cookies we like to make together. I like to use this recipe HERE.

To make it a complete experience I picked up a few cooking items like this 3 section serving dish that I used for fruit to snack on, 3 piece leaf cookie cutters, pie pan (used to put the cookies in because I loved that it matched the serving dish) lol and 5 pack dishcloths to keep our counter clean (so soft btw) and oven mitts.

Once we finally finished and made our mix of fall inspired cookies plus regular circular cookies, baby brother made his way out of his nap and decided to join us for some bites.  Even though we gave him some he was more interested in the fruit snack tray than anything.  This boy loves his fruits!!

Having these special moments with my kids & building memories is so magical to me. We didn’t do too much baking one on one when I was growing up so I would always do it alone, so I told myself I would start when I have kids and I am so glad I did.  Sofia and I always have the best time and afterwards we actually decorated a few with pink icing, marshmallows and sprinkles…I honestly liked them way better like that anyhow. ; )  How are you making some fun family memories at home this fall?? I would love to hear all about them. 


Also, if your a family that isn’t big on baking in the kitchen with each other, we also love to play games like Melissa and Doug & Candyland..even though Sofia tends to cheat and wants to win everytime we play. 😉  Here are a few of our favorites that I am sure you and your kid(s) will like as well.


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