Grey Jumpsuit

Style The Girl Grey Jumpsuit

Hey Guys!!! My family and I are officially back from our first family vacation and it was SO much fun.  It was our first time to Charleston and it definitely did not disappoint.  I completely fell in love with the history, the homes, the food, and the all around southern hospitality.  I can’t wait to […]

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Embroidered Cami Dress

It’s just another Manic Monday!!  To say I am running on E this morning is a under statement.  My hubby came back from his trip late last night after being gone all weekend.  To have him back is the best feeling because having an extra set of hands for Sofia is exactly what I need. […]

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Green Tie Waist Dress

waist tie from dress

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Today Sofia and I are headed to her 4 month checkup and I am excited and not at the same time because she will be getting a cocktail of shots.  So needless to say she will be a very upset and exhausted baby from all the crying that will be happening…totally a […]

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! I am going to keep it short and sweet today and hope you all enjoy today with sun, tons of fun, no work, and family/friends.  Hubby and I plan on taking Sofia to either the museum district or the zoo, so make sure you follow me on Snapchat at STYLETHEGIRL to […]

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