Embroidered Cami Dress

It’s just another Manic Monday!!  To say I am running on E this morning is a under statement.  My hubby came back from his trip late last night after being gone all weekend.  To have him back is the best feeling because having an extra set of hands for Sofia is exactly what I need. 🙂  Props to all the parents that either have to do it alone or for short periods of time because it definitely is ALOT of work and this mommy right here is so exhausted.

Needless to say this post will be a short one due to it. lol

Days like this I need a quick and easy outfit that stills makes me look put together.  With the Houston heat the main styles I go for are dresses, and white preferably, since they do not attract the heat as much as the color black does.  So a cami dress like this Old Navy one is absolutely perfect; FYI Old Navy has a special going on where you can get 30% off your purchase with the code THANKYOU.  Pairing it then with some cute wedges that are uber comfortable, simple accessories like a watch to keep me on time now with a baby, and a jean jacket just in case we end up going to a place where the AC will be blasting.

I hope you all have a great start of your week and now Sofia and I will be getting ready to do some more tummy time, which she isn’t always a fan off. 🙂

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