Creating Blogger Relationships

creating blogger relationships

When I started Style The Girl last January I remember being extremely intimidated to join such a large community.  I remember thinking, “How am I going to get a following, why would people care what I am wearing and doing, will people even like what I have to say, how do I meet fellow fashion bloggers and create relationships?”

Even with all these questions of uncertainty in my head I finally had a epiphany that if I didn’t do it now I would regret never trying…and I wasn’t going to let them happen.  With that being said, the last year has taught me a thing or two about creating blogger relationships and I have some tips and tricks listed below which I hope comes in handy for any other blogger who was or is in my previous position. 🙂

style the girl thrive tribe

1. Conferences: I know some people might not think this, but yes, there are conferences for bloggers.  Blogging is so much more than just putting on a cute outfit, taking pictures, creating content that users will want to is honestly hard work.  By going to a conference with influential people that have been doing this for years/months, and are successful is a great learning opportunity.  Make sure to introduce yourself, provide your business card and reach out after the event.

See what conferences you might have in your area or within driving distance in order to enhance  your knowledge on all avenues of blogging.  I went to my first one two weeks ago at the Thrive Blog Conference and learned so much.  You can see my top 5 learnings here.

2. Get Out There: In the blogging community it is all about showing up and being there if you really want to make an impact.  Personally, I think that if you are not comfortable with speaking to new people, feeling comfortable with who you are and what your blog is about, then it will be more difficult to create relationships and opportunities that can build your “brand” and blog to a whole other level.  One of my favorite new quotes I heard recently is from Marla Malcolm Beck, ” I meet so many great female leaders and I think what all of them have in common is they’re not afraid to go for exactly what they want.” So be confident, get out there, and show them who you are and what you are all about!

3. Show Your Support: Become your fellow bloggers biggest supporters.  Why?  Because we are all in the same position and doing what we love.  As women we need to be supportive and bring each other up and not down.  Follow them, like their pages, reach out, comment on their posts, go to their events; this will not only build a starting foundation, but shows you are serious about being apart of the blogging community.  Create community versus competition.

“When woman support each other, incredible things happen!”

4. Cultivate Relationships: Find other bloggers in your city that do exactly what you do and love; whether that be lifestyle, fashion, food, and etc.  Be authentic!!  This one hits home because with our lives surrounded in social media it is important to always stay true to yourself and not loss yourself in the craziness of it.

On a important thing to remember is that when you do this, make sure that this is all about networking and not stalking, so ensure you respect people’s boundaries.

5. Thrive Tribe: You will notice that once you follow these easy steps you will create relationships with so many amazing bloggers.  I have been so lucky over the past year with Style The Girl that all the ladies I have met inspire me deeply and I would like to share some fun pictures with these ladies below…make sure to also check out each of their pages. 🙂

style the girl thrive tribe View More: View More: View More: View More:

Roselyn – The Style_Lynn Kind // Brittany – Hello Honey // Hope – Tassels and Tabbies //Erin – Style Spies // Sara – Haute and Humid // Dede – Dress Up Buttercup // Shelbi – It’s All Chic to Me // Dawn – Dawn P. Darnell

style the girl maternitystyle the girl bodycon dress

Charlotte Russe Dress (similar) // Heels (similar) // Scarf (similar) // HM Crossbody // Kendra Scott Choker // Bracelet 1 // Bracelet 2 // Bracelet 3 //Rings (similar)

Thank you Kendra Scott for sponsoring this post.


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  1. I love this! Your tribe rocks! I just started focusing on my blog this past Jan so I hope to be where you’re at next year! Thanks for the tips. I have yet to meet some other bloggers in Colorado Springs… Maybe in Denver.

    1. Katrina I am so glad that you liked the post!!! I would definitely check to see if there are groups on Facebook as well bc I have met some bloggers through that avenue as well!! Good luck and enjoy the journey of your first year…it is so fun!!

  2. Great post! All the questions you asked yourself is exactly how I’ve been feeling. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to know that other people can relate and to see how far you’ve come is so inspiring!

  3. Really love this!!! You girls look gorgeous and although I haven’t them they all, I’m so glad I met you! I learned late last year that getting out from behind the computer screen and going to meet others to network and support is do important. Can’t wait to attend this next year ☺

  4. Thanks for sharing this helpful content. I am in the very beginning stages of my blog and would love to tap into local blog networks. I live in NC which seems to have an official blogger network you can join for a fee. Do you think joining networks like this is worth the investment?

    1. Thank you Megan!!! I have joined a few blogger networks for a fee (The Blog Society) but it really helps me to connect with bloggers on a larger more national scale. For the ones in my city I have not had to pay unless to go to an event or something. Facebook is also a good location to find bloggers in your area for free and you can be aware of events and meet ups. Hope this helps!!

  5. I love this post! It was very informative and right to the point. I just moved to Houston and would love to connect with other bloggers/mommy bloggers. Congratulations on your little one! Being a mom is the best

    1. Thanks so much girly and welcome to Houston!! If you want to connect with other bloggers definitely follow the other ladies to that I posted..half are mommy bloggers as well so it would be great for you to meet them and myself soon once there is another event happening!! 😉

  6. Love this post! We have been blogging just over a year now and are making new friends over the internet 🙂 We find that being teenage bloggers it can be a little intimidating as most bloggers are young mothers. But love your tips! You are gorgeous <3 Cant wait to see the baby!


    1. Hi Marley!! First I want to say that it is absolutely amazing that you are teenage bloggers!! Definitely don’t be intimidated by young mothers because when we look at you and what you are doing it is definitely admired!! I wish I started my blog a lot sooner 😜 I am so glad you loved my tips and thank you so much for your sweet words!!

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