Pretty in Pink

So we already know three things when it comes to me and the colors of blush pink and ivory. One- It is by far my favorite color combo, Two- It was my wedding/sorority colors and Three- I’m obsessed, what can I say. lol  This soft warmth color glows compared to any other pastel and the the purity of ivory makes for the perfect combination; totally made for me.

This look made me feel not only elegant, but completely romantic.  I would take this on a date with my husband or special occasion any day of the week. <3

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This look is also a great combination of two classic trends: the blush pink trend and the lace trend.   The delicate details make this look truly feminine and is accentuated by the shades of pink.

style the girl pretty in pink style the girl pretty in pink4 style the girl pretty in pink2style the girl pretty in pink5

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