Custom Tees: Style The Girl & Style The Baby

Happy Monday!!!  Today is actually a happy one for me since my husband is finally back from a Bachelor Party weekend, which meant it was the first time I would be doing the full 24/7 shift.  Thankfully I kept us very busy with lunch dates and family dates, but the best part was that Sofia was the most amazing baby ever..I am so lucky!!

Now onto my custom tee…how awesome is it by the way???  When Hub 92 Prints reached out to me to design my own custom shirt I was absolutely thrilled.  I had been meaning to make one for Style the Girl for a while because I am so proud and excited about my brand and thought this would be a great chance to make it happen.  The best part about it was incorporating my daughter Sofia into the whole mix and getting her a matching onsie with Style the Baby. <3

style the girl tee style the girl tee3style the girl tee4style the girl tee1 style the girl tee2

So you wanna hear the best part of this collaboration????  We are giving all of my followers 20% off with the Promo Code: STYLETHEGIRL so you can make your own custom shirts!!!

Head to their site now and you will be so happy you did!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

style the girl tee5style the girl tee6

Shop this look here:


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  1. I am blown away at how beautiful you and your daughter are! Great photos, love the jeans too 🙂

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