Blue Lace Midi Skirt

When it comes to skirts I have a new found appreciation for the midi skirt.  It is the perfect blend of sophistication and classiness of the 1950’s, but making a new mark in the 2000’s.  As I have gotten older I realize that you can still remain sexy without showing a lot of skin, and this allows all woman with different shapes and sizes to do just that.

Whenever I put my midi skirt outfit together I think of the following pieces:

1)Top: I personally feel it needs to be either on the shorter or tighter side in order to accentuate the waist line.

2)Shoes: Either go high or low. No matter what, your hint of legs will stand out.

3)Accessories: Minimalism is key.  Let the midi skirt stand out on its own.

Check out some of my other favorite midi skirts below that are under $50. 🙂

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