Tall Girls Guide to Wearing a Maxi Dress

If you didn’t know already from any previous post, I am 5’8 (but cm away form 5’9), which means I am one of the 5% of woman in the US that is considered tall.  Needless to say being tall comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages, but clothing and length always being the main culprit.

When I was younger my biggest issue (and to a certain point even today) was finding clothing that was an appropriate length; a dress had to be an inch or two from the knee versus below my butt, my pants had to go to the floor and not to ankles so they don’t looked like high waters…and so forth.

Up until high school I was the second tallest girl in class and all I could remember was not knowing where to go to shop for those clothes, and when I did find them they would always be way out of my parents budget.  Luckily, things have definitely changed over the past 10 years. 😉

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Now that I am older I embrace my height with open arms, and don’t let the fear of a little high watering worry me.  A perfect example is this Charming Charlie keyhole dress which fit me perfectly, but did not go all the way to the ground.

Rather than miss out on the opportunity of wearing this gorgeous dress, I worked with my height to make the outfit complete; here’s how.

Tall Girls Guide to a Maxi Dress

1) Embrace your height: With out this, nothing will work

2)Rock your heels: There is nothing wrong with adding a few more inches for a model effect 😉

3)Knot a side: This takes away the whole “it’s not long enough” look and makes it a midi dress

4) Solids: They are your best friend

5)High-Low: Choose a dress that is higher in the front and lower in the back so the length is the least of your worries

Bonus: The maxi dress was made for the tall girls, so rock what you got!! <3

Favorite Maxi Dresses Under $100

Style The Girl White Maxi Dress 27Style The Girl White Maxi Dress 20Style The Girl White Maxi Dress 22Style The Girl White Maxi Dress 26

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