What I Wore: Tidbits Front Row Saks Fifth Ave Event

If you are in Houston and a girl who loves events, shopping, sneak peaks into movies, goody bags, and getting invited to exclusive places and more, than Tidbits Front Row is for you.  I joined last year when my husband worked 6 months straight, 12-14 hour days and I was trying to find things to fill up my time while he was not home.  A friend of mine told me about it and I decided that for less than $100 for a 6 month subscription was totally worth it.

I think last year I went to almost every single event, but once I got pregnant and my belly got bigger it was harder and harder for me to go out because of sheer exhaustion and just wanting to lay down.  Now after having Sofia I am slowly making my way back to the events when my husband is able to take care of our daughter.

This tidbit event was located at the newly renovated Saks Fifth Avenue in The Galleria at their 51Fifteen restaurant.  It was a super fun cocktail party where they served passed bites and their complimentary speciality 51 Seventy-Five cocktail; anyone close to me knows I don’t drink and if I do it has to be fruity…and I had two of them. lol  I was lucky to have my blogger BFF Shelbi from It’s All Chic To Me there to talk, have fun, drink, and just enjoy a mom’s night out for 2 hours.

Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 2Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 6 Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 3 Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 4For my night out I wanted to go for a classic tie dress that was cute yet dressed for the occasion.  Fun thing is now that I look at it I realize I am 100% still wearing the Spring 2016 Pantone colors, but they are seriously my favorite!!

In other news, if you follow me on Snapchat: STYLETHEGIRL make sure to follow me today because I have two fun blogging events that I am going to and will be taking you along with me. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 7 Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 10 Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 12 Style The Girl Blue Tie Dress 13


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