10 Ways I Prepared For My First NYFW

10 ways i prepared for my first nyfw

Well guys, I am officially 24 hours away from heading to NYFW and I am sooooooo excited.  For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about going to NYFW and being able to watch a show or presentation, wear clothes that take me out of my comfort zone and bring out the fun of fashion, running around the city from meeting to meeting, show to show, photo shoot to photo shoot, with just a few minutes to grab some food from a vendor and then run to the next event.  I love it and thrive on New York’s fast pace environment, even if it is only for a few days.

Since this is my first time to NYFW I wanted to do a post on what I have done to prepare me for Fashion Week and the days to come.  It definitely has been a second job but now that everything has come together I just want it to be Friday already.


1. Find other blogger babes to head to NYFW with you.  I am so lucky to be heading to NY with some of my favorite fellow Houston bloggers, Shelbi from It’s All Chic To Me, Brittany from The Hello Honey Blog, and Dede from Dress Up Buttercup.

2. Create a Google Doc that you all can reference and have access too.  This includes everything from PR/Brand Contacts, schedules that you each have for your days there, hotels that you have reached out to, packing list and etc.

3. Start early, i.e. a few months before!!! We bought our tickets in May when they were under $300 which was awesome, and I will do the same the next time I head to NYFW.  Begin reaching out and emailing every single PR company, brand contacts, companies that you have partnered with, other bloggers that are going, your rep if you are apart of any affiliate groups, and see if there are Facebook groups to join.

4. Create a separate folder in your email box that only contains all emails about NYFW or flag them to ensure a faster reference when on the go.  This includes all the shows your invited too, events, after parties, and more.

5. Create a account with Mapquest and map out your entire schedule each day.  With an account you are allowed to save each map, name they with their own titles and email/text you each for reference; have the app on your phone too.

6. Gain access to the Fashion GPS App.  This allows you to get invitations to shows and also connects your email invitations to the app so it will track your schedule.

7. Reach out to brands/companies that you have worked with and see if they would partner with you on providing you pieces to wear to NYFW in exchange for photos of the items.  Also, reach out to stores in your city to see if they allow you to pull clothes (borrow clothing and then return) for NYFW so your looks are fresh and new the days you are there.  I have come to realize that it is better to bring more options and there will always be a photo shoot opportunity.  I mean when else will you have the amazing NYC skyline in your photos? 🙂

8. Plan your outfits.  Even though you can still be buying/pulling/updating looks until the day you leave or when you are there, just remember to have fun with it.  Thats the great thing about NYFW, you can pretty much dress any way you like.

9. Follow up.  Out of the mass of emails I have sent you will get a lot of no responses, but just follow up because they also are getting an influx of emails from other bloggers.  Also, the great thing about rooming with fellow bloggers, you each have an insight to who gets invited to what, so when one or two haven’t heard back from a PR company or Brand they normally have direct contacts or you can reference them to get in quicker.

10. Remember to not stress.  I keep trying to tell myself this even thought it is easier said then done, but I do have to remember that I still need to enjoy and take everything in.  I have done pretty much everything I can up to this point, so now I am just ready for 6am to come so I can head to NYC with my blogger babes.

Make sure to follow me on my Instagram and my Snapchat STYLETHEGIRL for all the behind the scene details to my days there, what I am wearing, what I am doing, what meetings and shows I am headed too, and etc.

Also, I will try my best to have a recap every day or every other day for you guys so make sure you watch out for it. 🙂  Have a great Thursday!!


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