How I Got My Baby to Sleep Through The Night At 3 Months

How I got my baby to sleep through the night

For the past few months I have been getting a lot of questions from friends, family and followers on how my husband and I got our daughter Sofia to sleep through the night.  I recently talked about it on my Snapchat: STYLETHEGIRL, but since it only lasts for 24 hours I still got some questions about it.  So, in order to answer and tell my secrets I am going to give you all our tips and tricks on how we did it.

Mind you of course, this might not work for everyone or it might not be ideal for every family.  Ultimately, everyone will do what works best for their baby, and this just happens to be what has worked for us.  So here we go!!!!!


CONSISTENCY –This is the biggest key of advice I can give to any parent, because without it you are a boat without a paddle.  Since I gave birth to Sofia, my husband and I have done little things that have continued on until now and has been key in creating a sleeping pattern in order for her to know when it is time for bed.

EARLY BED TIME SCHEDULE- Babies MUST ensure they get a good long nights sleep because it helps with their brain activity and it is important for their growth hormones.  If they go to sleep late this will have negative consequences on their growth, memory and etc.  Plus, in turn it allows your husband and you time to do anything else you want to do.

BED TIME MUSIC- Since Sofia was born we always played lullaby music and it helps her to relax and realize that this music means “sleepy time”.  So find what works best for you and your baby, but below I let you know what we use for Sofia that has even helped my husband and I fall asleep sometimes too. lol

NO CO-SLEEPING- So this one really depends on how and what you feel most comfortable with when it comes to sleeping with your baby, but for my husband and I we always knew we would not co-sleep.

1.Babies and parents need their full rest and sleeping together you WILL NOT get that. Babies consistently move and so do we as adults.  For every move you or your baby does you will more than likely wake up each other or be in light sleep the whole night that you won’t get a true good nights sleep.  Babies also in turn need to learn to sooth themselves back to sleep, so having mommy or daddy their to instantly comfort them will make it harder to break the habit when they get older.

2.Seperation is good to ensure you still have time for your husband and yourself, whether it be to talk, watch TV, catch up on emails, social media, or practicing on having another baby ;D.  You both need that without feeling you have to tip toe with the noises, light, and etc. if the baby was in the same room.


1. Between 6:30-6:45pm we get Sofia ready for her nightly bath as we have found that it helps Sofia relax and get sleepy.  My husband and I always share responsibilities on who does what, but for this reference I will utilize myself as the one who puts her to sleep.

2.Since Sofia grew out of her bathtub extremely fast we now take baths with her.  We have also found that it cuts the bath time process in half because you’re not having to clean up her bath anyone, which is so helpful because we all know things can add up and there isn’t time to always do it all. lol

3.I’ll run the water and lay in it until the water gets to about the tops of knees, then my husband will come and bring Sofia to me.  From there we play a little with her bath toys that she absolutely loves and then start cleaning her with our favorite Johnson Baby Head to Toe Baby Wash.

4.Once completely washed I call for my husband and he brings a towel to wrap Sofia in and get her nice a dry and puts on her diaper; during this time I take a quick rinse in the shower.

5.Since she a little warm at this point we leave her in her diaper and do the “Rojas Blow Dry Bar”. 🙂  If most of you have followed me since Sofia was born you know she was born with a full head of hair, and it grows more each day.  We always want to make sure her head is dry before she does to bed because we don’t want her potentially getting sick or have a wet spot on her crib sheet .  This is my husband’s favorite part of our bedtime routine, and it is one of the cutest.  We keep the blow dryer on low heat and keep it far away from her face and use our hands as the brush to dry it.  Once the hair is completely dry we use my little brush to lightly comb it.

6.After getting her hair done we then put her into a long sleeve footed pajamas, similar here.  It allows us to make sure she is comfortable and warm when she sleeps since you are not supposed to have anything in a crib with a baby in order to eliminate the chance of SIDS.

7. By this time it is around 7-7:15pm which to us means we have around 30 minutes or less till Sofia will be fed and put to sleep.  So we utilize this time and play with her to get her even more exhausted and ready for bed.

8.Pre-bed playtime consists of us in our bed playing with toys, reading her a book, listening to Disney songs and singing to her, and etc.

9. Right before we are about to put her to bed my husband will make her milk and put it on the nightstand next to our rocker, he closes her black out drapes that are literally the best things ever, and then puts on our night-time music savior, Spotify’s “Baby Lullaby: Relaxing Piano Lullabies.”

10. Once he has all that complete he will let me know and then we all say our good nights to Sofia and then I take her into her bedroom and get settled in the rocker.

11. Once we sit down I give her the bottle of 6 ounces and wait until she pretty much passes out after finishing all her milk.  I then put her on my chest and burp her until she has all of the gas out. (Note: For bed time since 3 months I did not breast feed because it takes a lot longer for a baby to nurse, so I would always have everything ready in a bottle so they get the maximum amount of milk to get full on.)

12. I’ll rock her for a few songs and raise her hand to ensure it falls to know that she is out.  I then get up from the rocker and place her slowly into her crib in order for her to not feel like she is falling, which could cause some babies to wake up instantly.

13. I then turn on our baby monitor and head back to our bedroom.

14. By now it is anytime between 7:30-8pm and Sofia will be either asleep or getting herself comfortable for bed.  Mind you she does do some movement sometimes and even will have her eyes wide open, but she learns to sooth herself and with 5 minutes or so she is asleep.


I would say that 95% of the time Sofia will sleep through the night and wake up anytime between 6-630am, which is awesome.  Like any human though she will have nights where she might wake up earlier then usually, i.e. she has a super heavy diaper or she gets hungry, or wakes up at 630am and eats and goes straight back to bed until 9am and that is completely normal.

In the end as long as you create consistency and have a schedule with your baby it will transition into the same sleeping patterns when they become toddlers and so on.

Sofia has been utilizing this routine for 3 months now so I definitely believe it is tried and true. 🙂


All in all I hope that any of you that have made it to the end of this post enjoyed it and found it helpful in any way possible.

Thank you for following and reading and I would love to her your thoughts, if this routine has worked for you, if you try it and you succeed, or any others questions you might have, do not hesitate to ask!!!


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  1. I agree 100% with everything you said. I started the routine wig my baby at 4 months(he is 20months now). He sleeps in his crib in our room, that was the biggest mistake I made, as soon as his room incomplete he is out! Haha. Make sure you enjoy it while it lasts there will be some growth spurts, teething, and times where they will just not want to go to bed. Those moments will be hard and tough, you will have to “re-teach” the whole sleep schedule, it’s gonna be hard but keeping your ground and your same routine you’ll be fine 😉

    1. So glad you enjoyed reading it Jasmin and definitely know that Sofia will have her moments when it comes to spurts, teething and etc. They are never fun but its great to see her grow and totally worth a few nights of craziness right? 🙂 I can’t believe your baby is almost 2…i am dreading that moment when she does. 🙁

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