Colorful Scallop Top

colorful scallop top

Happy Friday Guys!!!! If you saw on my IG yesterday Diego, Sofia and I headed to our first family UH game this season and it was so much fun.  We decided to extend her normal bed time because we hate to miss our games. lol  She was such a trooper and even when we got home she was up to watch part of the 3 quarter with us; she is definitely a future coog in the making. 🙂

I got this colorful scallop top from Make Me Chic last month and planned on wearing it to NYFW because I was trying to get out of my normal neutral color scheme and shake it up a bit, because when in NYC right? After trying to pair it with a few things in my closet that I wanted to wear I quickly realized that this would end up being my casual go to top for any of my high-waisted jeans.  I am sure you all can tell how much I absolutely love my Topshop jeans that I got at the anniversary sale a few weeks ago because I wear them ALL THE TIME. lol

With the fall officially here, at least in the calendar sense, I figured I would bring out my colorful pieces of clothing a few more times until Houston finally gets that cold front we have been longing for.  🙂  I hope you all have a great day and weekend as the family and I have a baby shower and a 4th birthday, it’s definitely going to be so much fun!!

Head to my snap STYLETHEGIRL if you would like to follow along. 🙂 See you Monday!!

colorful scallop top colorful scallop topcolorful scallop top colorful scallop topcolorful scallop top colorful scallop topcolorful scallop top colorful scallop top


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