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A few months ago I was gifted a Smile Brilliant package to test it out to give this mama an even brighter smile.  One of the biggest benefits that I saw from trying out this product was the ability to get  custom fitted teeth whitening trays and gels that I could do in the comfort of my own home.  With having a baby under 7 months there isn’t really a lot of time to do much as my days consist of house cleaning, washing dishes and all her toys, picking up after 3 people and two dogs, grocery shopping, mommy and me gym classes, and the occasional lunches with friends to keep me sane.

With Smile Brilliant it allowed me to still do my normal daily responsibilities as a stay at home mom without any interruptions, and bonus, it saved me over $500 for teeth brilliant reviewsmile brilliant reviewsmile brilliant reviewsmile brilliant reviewsmile brilliant reviewsmile brilliant reviewsmile brilliant review

(wearing the clear trays in this picture and you cannot tell)

Once I opened the package it was less than 5 minutes of my time to make the mix the putty, make the upper and bottom impressions and mail it back to them.   In 3-4 business days(6-10 for international) I had my own customs to use at home.

Once received the trays I used the tooth whitening gel that is only formulated by the highest quality standards, to apply to the tray and place in my mount for 5-15 minutes.  In the beginning I kept at the smaller time frame to ensure my teeth wouldn’t be too sensitive where it would be painful and hard to eat, but also utilized their desensitizing gel for the first few tries.  As the days went on I upped the time and I could see more and more how much brighter my teeth were becoming.  After 3 weeks I stopped and couldn’t be happier with my results; my hubby even joined in.

Week 3 Resultssmile brilliant reviewWeek 3smile brilliant review

Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


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