Green Sleeveless Sweater


Happy Monday Guys!!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend because ours was so much fun.  On Saturday we got to drop off Sofia at Diego’s moms house so we could do some tailgating and then enjoy UH going against Tulsa.  The entire game we were biting our nails but thank goodness we ended up winning at the end because we would not have been happy with another loss.  We are still so mad/sad about how things ended last week against Navy. :/  Sunday we headed to Froberg’s to go enjoy the pumpkin patch, corn maze and some fun childish activities with Sofia, and then headed to the pop up shop of Shake Shack.  Once we got home we had a full on play session with Sofia that got us all exhausted and we napped for over 2 hours….man was that the best thing ever!!! lol

As for this look I still try to incorporate fall pieces into my wardrobe because I am still yearning (a long with all my fellow Houstonians) for some fall weather.  The best way is to either have your arms free or your legs so you won’t sweat tooooo much. lol  Plus adding fall hues like black and olive green bring it all together.

Btw how awesome are these Anthony Wang sandals from Ippo Shop?  I collaborated with them on this post and I can’t rave enough on how gorgeous and comfortable these sandals are.  I normally do a higher heel, but I wanted to try something new and go with a low heel this time around.  I am 5’8 so no matter what I am normally taller than most of my friends, so I figured why not go shorter not only for comfort and style.   The bonus too is that it is so much easier to move around and do things with Sofia. 🙂

style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3 style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3 style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3 style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3 style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3style-the-girl-green-sleeveless-sweater-3


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