5 Ways To Style White Jeans This Spring

Hi everyone and happy last few weeks of spring, I seriously can’t believe it is already here and we are that much close to summer…ecckk! One spring staple is white jeans, and I wanted to share five of my favorite ways to style white jeans for spring. 🙂

  1. White Top- If you’re looking to be bold this spring, pair your white jeans with a white top. Sure it won’t be the best outfit to eat some Texas BBQ in, but white on white is such an easy look to create and just about screams spring time!
  2. Black Top and Black Shoes- Another very easy look to create, and will look flattering on everyone. The contrast between the two colors creates a bold chic look, perfect for all spring occasions.
  3. Floral Top- Colorful floral tops pair with white jeans is the perfect spring outfit. Nothing says spring time more than bright colors and florals!
  4. Animal Print Tank Top- Animal print is most commonly worn during the fall season, but the best way to make your animal print tops spring approrpirate is by pairing it with your white denim jeans!
  5. Rocker Tee- The rocker tee trend is normally done by pairing the tee with black denim bottoms to create an edgy look. Pairing your rocker tees with white denim jeans instead creates an edgy-chic look, especially if you complete the outfit with heels, a belt, and a denim jacket.

Thanks for passing by babes!!

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