Olive Leather Skirt


Hey guys!!!  Happy Monday again and hope you all had a great weekend!  This past Saturday I had a photoshoot with two fellow mamas Jessica from Thoughtfully Styled and Sara from Haute and Humid on a special college edition that we can’t wait to share with you soon.  Last that day I went to one of my very good friends baby shower to celebrate her son that will be joining us in January, and Sofia can’t wait to play with him.  On Sunday we headed to go get me the iPhone 7 because Sofia completely destroyed my screen my dropping it on our wood floor a few weeks ago and that was a good 3-4 hour process; definitely not how we wanted to spend our Sunday. lol  Afterwards we headed to Diego’s step sisters family birthday dinner and tons of Italian and lots of sweets…always a favorite of mine. <3

This look from NYFW is long over due but totally worth the wait in my eyes.  I absolutely loved this outfit I wore on Saturday with the girls because a (p)leather look is totally a show stopper;  I don’t think you can help it.  It was so hot in NYC during NYFW that it pretty much felt like we brought Houston weather there, so layering and having lots of coverage on my looks were not what I had planned.

One of the great things during NYFW is that you could partner with PR companies to pull (borrow) pieces of apparel to wear to shows, events and etc. that could be picked up at your hotel the day that you leave; amazing right?  This Karigam skirt was one that I had picked up and instantly fell in love with it because of the olive color and the asymmetrical bottom.  It was so different and fun and felt like a NYFW skirt.

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll just be dreaming of my next NYC trip. 🙂

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