Sophos Home & How I Protect My Family

This post has been sponsored by Sophos Home.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Happy Wednesday Guys!

As all of you know I have a very active 7 1/2  month old, and if you follow me on Instagram or my Snapchat STYLETHEGIRL you can tell she loves to get into everything; as any baby her age would do.  Sometimes I will have her watch Little Baby Bum on our iPad or iPhone when she is getting a little grumpy and need to calm her down when I am in the middle of doing something.  Even though I have it far away from her she always happens to get a hold of it by reaching or scooting right in front of it.  When this does happen she will touch the screen consistently which causes more YouTube videos, ads, pop ups and so forth to come up or be accidentally downloaded.

When she gets older, more capable and understands what technology is, I can’t even imagine the things her little hands will get into on our iPad, iPhone and so forth.  By partnering with Sophos Home I am able to protect my daughter and family not only from unwanted downloads, but from malware, antivirus, inappropriate websites, and ransomware.  The biggest bonus is that this whole security option is completely free, yes FREE!!!


With my partnership with Sophos Home I was asked to give you an honest review on their malware security system for my Mac and other pieces of technology that I use daily, with the positive and negatives of the software.  Technology is absolutely everywhere and I want to make sure that I am keeping my family safe and secure.


1.Free- Anytime I have had to get a new computer or laptop I have always paid for the malware protection, so if it is free I am totally for it.

2.Users- This can go on 10 different devices which is great for all of us that have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, computer, tablet, and so forth.

3.Parental Controls-Great for Sofia and any other children that I will have because you never know what they can get their hands into.

4.Fast Download- The moment I downloaded it, it was completed in less than 3 minutes.

5.One Click Scan-So simple and fast, it was perfect because I am limited on time.

6.Scans- Consistently scans for any issues no matter what that you do not have to request it.


1.Access- You can only access by logging into the website

2.Protection- Does not offer email protection, but it prevents browsers from navigating to websites that have malicious content.

3. Scan Length Full scan takes an extremely long time (a few hours), so make sure to do it when definitely do not need your laptop or etc.

4.Monitor- Does not monitor for suspicious traffic.

These are just some of my call outs that I think is good to know for any sort of program you end up downloading.  I always feel it is better to give you all the details so you aren’t left in the dark.

Now for some laughs!!!  If you would like to see the funniest and so true video from a comedic mom’s point of you, then head to their Facebook video here where I promise you will laugh, smile and nod the whole time.


The Sophos Home promotion/sweepstakes is live from October 20 – November 3.  In order for your chance to win please go to this link here to download Sophos Home, where it will include the toolkit as well as give you the chance to enter the sweepstakes.

There will be three winners for the sweepstakes that includes one grand prize winner of a MacBook and two additional winners who will receive Apple Watches.

Good Luck and hope you enjoy Sophos Home!!!


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