What I Wore: Sorority Sister’s Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday edition; well technically it’s my first but it flows well. lol  Two weeks ago I was so lucky to watch one of my very special sorority sisters get married to the love of her life.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and she was a stunning bride.

When trying to think of what to wear to her wedding I knew I wanted to wear something that reflected our sorority colors.  If you guys aren’t already aware I was a Phi Mu at the University of Houston and loved the memories that I created for it, so I thought it would be a great way to incorporate it.

For any special event that I have in my life my go to location for dresses is Rent The Runway.  I have rented dresses from them for almost three years and every single time I do I am so happy with the result.  Not only do I get to choose gorgeous and glamour gowns from big named designers for a fraction of the price, but it allows you to invest in a dress for a few days rather than having to keep it. I know I am not the only girl that hates wearing a fancy dress more than once, so instead I rent a dress for the same amount of money.

Below I am showing you three dress options the I was provided by Rent The Runway that show off my blush pink sorority colors and what dress I chose. <3

style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-25 style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-27

Dress Option 1: Jill Jill Stuart Powder Pop-Over Gown

style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-8style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-16 style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-12style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-14 Dress Option 2: Elizabeth and James Blush Orley Dress

style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-3 style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-1style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-4

Dress Option 3: Monique Lhuillier Fallen Rose Petal Gown

style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-24style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-17 style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-18 style-the-girl-rent-the-runway-20

So what dress did I end up choosing for the wedding???

wedding guest dress wedding guest dress img_1939 img_1940 img_1941

Thank you Rent The Runway for collaborating on this post.stylethegirl

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