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Style The Girl Balani

After your session, you have a waiting period of a few weeks while they make your piece, after which you come in once again to their studio for a fitting. Balani is very proud of their product, so they make sure you experience is second to none and that you look your best before leaving their doors!  

I was blown away during my experience, not only due to the level in customer attention but the overall quality of their products! Every guy deserves to experience this process, whether it be a fitting session for a wedding/groom party, for a revamp of their closet, or be a special treat to be able to dress their best for a particular event or a night out with their partner.

I can’t wait to continue to build my attire with Balani, especially since I’ve been eyeing a Red Sports coat with black assents, you might see it in a few of these shots, that they made for a separate client that I may need to plagiarize! Its addicting lol! 

Style The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl Balani


1. Schedule an appointment with a professional BALANI clothier at one of our showrooms or we’ll come directly to your home or office.

2. Peruse our selection of luxury wool, cashmere, and silk fabrics from world renowned mills. Then, design everything from lapel style, to interior lining, to thread color, and much more.

3. Starting with the slope of your shoulder, down to the break of your trousers, our clothiers take over 30 measurements to construct all custom suits.

4. Once your garment is fully constructed, you’ll try on your new clothing and we’ll make slight adjustments to insure you have the best fit possible.


  • Suit Jacket Fit & Cut
  • Jacket Button Style (Single-Breasted vs. Double-Breasted)
  • Interior Suit Lining and Pocket Square
  • Hand-Sewn Full Canvas Inside Jacket
  • Lapel Style and Width
  • Jacket Pocket Style
  • Hand-Cut Buttonholes
  • Thread Color for Buttonhole Stitching
  • Trouser Style – Flat Front / Pleats
  • Trouser Pocket Style
  • Cuffed / Non-Cuffed

The best part – all of our customizable styling details are provided at no additional charge.

Style The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl BalaniStyle The Girl Balani

style the girl

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