Holiday Cards with Minted + Giveaway

Hi Guys, well yesterday was a pretty amazing 30th birthday and today I am running late on posting because Sofia and I have been trying our hardest to get everything packed since we did not do any of it yesterday. lol  We leave tomorrow morning so trying to pack for her and figure out what I want to wear has been a slight challenge, but totally fun dressing up.

Another thing I am excited about is to share with you guys is that I have partnered with Minted this year on my holiday cards and I could not be more excited.  I have used them before for my baby shower cards and they were absolutely perfect.  Since we took our family holiday photos during Thanksgiving weekend they should be arriving soon, but was so excited when I did receive my family holiday stamps.

Sending out cards in general is kind of considered “old school” now a days with technology and e-cards, but I have to say that any time I get them I am so ecstatic and always place them on my fridge, and with that always comes the super cute stamps.  When I was little I remember always thinking that stamps with Santa Clause and reindeer were so fun, so I knew I had to get one with our family photo.

Not only does it add an extra touch to your envelope, but gives everyone that you send it to a glimpse into what your holiday card is going to look and feel like.  This photo I chose because it completely brings to life our family dynamic.  Diego and I super happy and Sofia thinking “What the hell is going on?”. lol  I promise we could have probably gotten more smiling ones if she had actually taken her nap that day; hopefully next year. <3

With that being said I am so excited to partner for a Minted Giveaway to all U.S residents.  The giveaway starts today and ends at 11:59pm PDT on Friday 12/9.  When it ends Minted will randomly draw two winners and send to them their $125 prize codes.  How awesome is that??

So, if you are running late on sending your holiday cards like me, head to the link above to enter for your chance to win.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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