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style the girl 30th birthday post

Who else remembers this line from”13 Going on 30″?  I definitely believe I am all those things, except flirty would only be towards my husband. lol  Today I am officially 30 years old, and as much as I am still a little in shock that it is here, I am totally ready for it.  This morning my birthday started off better than I ever could have imagined, and I am still tearing up from it.

After I woke up and got Sofia I was heading to turn off the Christmas lights when I saw luggage in the kitchen with a note.  On the note my husband left me a wonderful letter telling me to pack my bags because he was taking me to San Francisco and Napa Valley this week!!!! Guys, I have never been more in shock!! This is my first time being surprised on a vacation and I can’t wait to spend it with my hubby and daughter.  Now I need to start planning what we are doing and obviously what to wear. lol

So to celebrate my BIG 3-0 I am giving you guys a glimpse into me with 30 things from what you might not know, what I have learned and what I wanna do.  Hope you enjoy!! <4

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am a first generation child.  My mom is from Germany and my dad is from Colombia.  They met here in Houston at a German restaurant, and the rest is history. <3

2. I am actually the middle child.  I had a older brother but he unfortunately did not make it through child birth.  Every summer I think about him and wonder what could have been if he was here, but so thankful I have an angel watching over me.

3. I got my real estate license right when I graduated high school.  Both my parents own their own Real Estate firm so they told my sister and I that we had too. lol  Right now it’s not active because it is not what I want to be doing, but at least I know it is a backup in case anything happens.

4. I only traveled to 3 places prior to 18; San Antonio, Germany and Colombia.  I know this is why I love traveling so much now because of the limited places I went when I was younger.  Traveling is the best experience you could ever give yourself, so I am a big believer on going somewhere new every year (at least).

5. I hate seafood.

6. I only shave my legs every 4-6 weeks.  I literally have no body hair so less maintenance. lol

7. I have an amazing immune system, but have a super weak stomach.  I can go almost 2 years without getting sick but when I do it is bad, but on the other hand I can get a sick stomach every day.

8. I am terrified of heights and flying, especially when there is turbulence. (sucks because i love to travel lol)

9. I would love to own my own retail store one day, whether online or store front.  Consumer science and merchandising was my major in college and I hope to utilize for my future business ideas.

10. I struggle with anxiety and it has grown so much since I have had Sofia.  I literally worry all the time and there are days where I feel like I don’t want to leave the house with her.  Especially with social media you read and hear about everything, and the world is such a scary place I just sometimes want to be locked up in the house to keep all the bad things away.

 10 Things I Have Learned In My 20’s

1. Things always work out the way that they are suppose to and in it’s due time.

2.Don’t sweat the small stuff.

3. To not other think everything or make up situations or scenarios in my head because 99% of the time everything was fine.

4. That your relationships with your friends grows significantly.  Ones that you thought you would never be apart from drift away, your thoughts and feelings about life changes, you get married and have children and people that were suppose to be around are no where to be found.

5. Cherish every single moment, no matter how big or small.

6. Traveling is the best educator you could ever have, so do it often.

7. That if you have to change for a guy or try to change him, that he is not the one for you.  Then you end up meeting the perfect person for you, who takes you just as you are and loves you more than you could ever imagine.

8. The “nothing good happens after 12am” is so true. lol

9. Even though you think you know everything, you don’t, and you won’t need to know all the answers.  Your 20’s are your time to learn, grow and make mistakes.

10. Be yourself!!

10 Things I Want To Do In My 30’s

1. Have more children.  I have been blessed with a beautiful, smart baby girl and Diego and I can not wait to add to our family.

2. Continue to travel the world with Sofia and Diego. The greatest gift that I believe that we could ever give her is the gift of adventure and travel.  She will learn more and grow as a person by the education she learns by seeing the world. <3

3. Spend more quality with family.  I know we do it know, but with Sofia growing up so fast and more babies to come I want to surround myself more with family since they are the heart of everything I do.

4. Grow Style The Girl into a big fashion blogger brand.  I can’t wait to work with more amazing companies, travel for work/partnerships, and make it a true business where I can make a living off of it for my family and I.  Thankfully I have added an amazing assistant to my team so I can’t wait to really get started. <3

5. Only surround myself with positive and happy individuals that truly care about me.

6. Not spreading myself thin when it comes to life and work.

7. To say “No” more.  As a person I am always very kind and sometimes put myself in positions that I do not want to be in and do because I hate saying no and potentially hurting someones feelings.

8. Be honest with my feelings and speak up for myself because a lot of times I keep quite and things build it.

9. Stop sweating the small stuff and over thinking everything that really shouldn’t matter.

10. Most importantly of all, be the most amazing wife and mother to my children.  The one thing I knew I always wanted to be was a wife and mother.  I know there are times where I will feel like I can’t do it all, but I need to remember to myself that everyone goes through it and to always think of my family first and foremost.

Thank you all so much for sharing this journey with me and I hope you continue to do so because there are a lot of great things ahead.  Here’s to 30!!!

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  1. You killed it with this post! I could not agree more with so many of the things you said. Especially about friendships appearing and disappearing that you never guessed would. So thankful for you and your constant friendship. The sweetest and most genuine girl I know!

    XO, Shelbi

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