Travel: What I am Bringing to Cancun

What I am Bringing To Cancun

I have t-minus 24 hours till I am at the airport with my girls and getting ready to celebrate my sorority sister’s bachelorette party/30th birthday in Cancun.  We have had this all set for almost 6 months, and for it to finally be here is so exciting.

I am ready to have tons of girl talk and fun, to lay on the beach and relax, have some drinks (and I mean a lot of pina coladas lol), and not a care in the world.  Every mama deserves a weekend to themselves at least once a year right? lol

For this trip I knew I wanted to go super beachy and bohemian, and I think I nailed it right on the head.  From the maxi dresses, ripped shorts, casual heels and flats and off the shoulder everything, these looks are made for being by and on the beach.

Also, I am pretty sure a few of you were wondering why I don’t have any swimwear in this photo or have linked them, but honestly it’s because that is a no brainer.  If you go to the beach, you are going to be bringing a bathing suit, and figured it would be more fun to post those when I am actually enjoying the hot sun, warm sand, and the amazing water.

If you want to follow along make sure to follow me on my Snapchat or Instagram at STYLETHEGIRL.  Hope you all have a great weekend, because I know I will. <3

What I am Bringing To Cancun

Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress // Striped Tee // Handbag // Birkenstocks // High-Low Dress // Off the Shoulder Chambray Dress // Two Piece Off The Shoulder Top & Bottom // Mules // Sunglasses // Crop Top // Ripped Shorts // Straw Hat // Romper // Weekender Bag

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