Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW

Hi friends!! So it’s been about 3 weeks since NYFW and I have gotten a few questions about how it all works, so I wanted to do an updated blog post for you all since it’s been about 2 years since I have wrote a full fledge one answering additional questions.

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  1. Do I get invited to show or do I buy tickets?  Yes I do get invited to show and no I have not had to buy a ticket.  As an influencer it is easier to get invited to because you create relationships with them or because they want more exposure.  One app that I have used since day one is Fashion GPS where you can request to go to show and the designer and their teams will either accept or deny.
  2. Who takes care of logistics, boarding and room? This is always a combined effort with my roommates and myself.  Once you figure out who you’re going to room with you all come together and select if you want to do a hotel or a Airbnb/  The past 2 years I have done hotels, but this year was an Airbnb which allowed us a more comfortable environment as well as space..which is HUGE!
  3. How do I go about selecting clothes I will be wearing for day and night? So when I go to NYFW I always want to wear more fashion forward/exciting outfits that I normally don’t wear.  New York City is a city full of so much fun style and this is where you can really go all out.  I try to bring 2-3 outfits per day for day and night or an additional one to shoot.  I love to look at sites like Asos, Revolve, Shein and Nordstrom for outfit ideas since they are some of my favorite places to shop and I have great partnerships with them.
  4. How does a normal day look like at NYFW? Busy, very very busy. Honestly every day of fashion week I end up barely eating anything because I bounce around from meeting to meeting, event to event, back to the hotel, constant changes, shooting and spending LOTS of time in Ubers.  I know I need to get better at riding the subway because it is seriously so much quicker, but I do like the safety of it and my outfits aren’t always great/ too extra for the subway.  So I can’t say exactly what each day is since they are so different, but above is how crazy it really can be.
  5. Who arranges your hair, makeup and photo shoots? Me, myself and I.  All my hair and makeup is done by me. This year I rented the same camera by photographer shoots me with and split it with my roommates.  Since we are all bloggers we know what we are looking for and take great shots.  From angles to backdrops, they helped me kill some looks for sure.  Since we stayed at a Airbnb, almost 80% off the shots I took this year were right outside our apartment..seriously.  This look was actually taken on the same block only 100ft from our front door and I love how it turned out.
  6. How do you decide how long you want to go? I can usually only go for about 4 days since I stay home with Sofia full time and Diego helps out, but I feel like Thursday morning to Sunday is good.  Next year I might come Wednesday night so I have the full day on Thursday and then come back Sunday morning versus late.  Plus these days tend to me be really great for the meetings and lots of events and parties I like to attend.
  7. How do you get to meet with brands? The brands that I always visit are ones that I have already created a relationship with.  Three to four weeks before I head to NYFW I go through my emails and type New York City and pull up all the contacts that are there and who I would love to see and visit.  The meetings are normally quick so I try to plan my time based off locations so I can maximize it.

Hope this was helpful and thank you all for asking me questions!!! Have a great Thursday!!

Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW

Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW Asos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFWAsos Pleather Shorts, Evereve Journey T-shirt for NYFW


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