How I Keep My Baby Clothes Clean with Persil Proclean

Style The Girl Persil Proclean

With an 11 month old daughter life can get very messy at any moment, but none more so then when she is eating food.  As much as my husband and I try to keep all the food in her mouth, she always has a way of not helping the situation, just like any other baby would.

From drinks to pureed food, Sofia is the best at making a mess, but it’s so fun at the same time.  She loves to pull the spoon our of our hands, getting food in her hair, clothes and all over the highchair, and in the end we just give up.

Nonetheless, that means that their is a lot of articles or clothing and fabric that gets the dirty of the stick.  So when it comes to keeping her outfits clean afterwards, Persil Proclean is my go to laundry detergent.  Not only does it keep her clothes just like when I bought them, but they come in an assortment of fragrances; my favorite being the extra fresh linen.

Persil ProClean is a premium laundry detergent, and I trust it completely to get me the brightest whites to removing the toughest baby stains.  With their new Pro10 formula, which is short for 10 Dimensions of Clean, it does it all and my fellow mamas with little ones will completely agree.

Persil has elevated this mamas laundry experience 100%, and I could not love it more.  Wondering where you can get Persil? At the place that has it all – Walmart of course! I am so lucky to have a neighborhood Walmart less than a mile from my house, so when it comes to having a mommy loving laundry experience without the price tag, I head to there.

Want some additional good news, I have a link for you here with a $2 coupon off your own Persil Proclean.  Happy Laundry Day. 🙂
Style The Girl Persil Proclean Style The Girl Persil Proclean Style The Girl Persil ProcleanStyle The Girl Persil Proclean Style The Girl Persil Proclean Style The Girl Persil ProcleanStyle The Girl Persil Proclean

Thank you Persil Proclean and Walmart for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I have to be careful about fabric softeners and washing powders too. But I’m not using Persil Proclean. I am using dreft stage1: newborn liquid detergent. I am satisfied using this detergent.This detergent is specially formulated with newborns in mind.

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