5 Tips to Loose Volumizing Waves with T3

Style The Girl T3 Hot Rollers

Hi everyone!! I am so excited to partner with T3 again to show you all how I utilize the T3 hot rollers to give me loose volumizing waves.  If you know me personally then you know my hair is pretty fine, and since I can remember I have always been trying my hardest to get volume to give my hair a much needed omph.

Growing up and still to this day my mom has used hot rollers, and I remember I would tell myself that I was never going to use them because I never saw people my age use them…ever.  Low and behold here I am, because hot rollers are magic ladies.  Now if I could just go back and time and teach my younger self this epiphany than I am pretty sure I would have had many more better hair days. 😉

So here is a step-by-step tutorial on how I create volume in my hair with my T3 hot rollers.T3 hot rollers.

1) Make sure to wash your hair in order to take off any product residue that might still linger.

2) Place the T3 hot rollers on the top half of your head by sectioning them off in the middle and sides. For the bottom half I always use my wand.

3) Allow T3 hot rollers to cool down in your hair for 15-20 minutes.  This is the perfect time to complete your makeup, do errands around the house or just relax and watch some TV.

4) Unclip T3 hot rollers starting from the sides and then on the top, and allow your hair to naturally fall from them.  Once they are out of the rollers I always use my finger to wrap my hair around it to enhance the wave.

5) Set and spray.  My all time favorite hair spray is this one because it leaves my hair feeling clean and natural  and not sticky.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this helps you get volume in your hair as well.

Style The Girl T3 Hot RollersStyle The Girl T3 Hot RollersStyle The Girl T3 Hot Rollers Style The Girl T3 Hot Rollers Style The Girl T3 Hot Rollers

Thank you to T3 for providing product for this post.  As always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Photos by Banavenue

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