Girls Trip to Charleston

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Happy Friday Everyone!! Two weeks ago my sister, Sofia and I headed to Charleston for four days for a fun mini girls vacation.  I had been to Charleston once before with Diego and Sofia for her first trip and first plane ride, so when my sister Nicole asked if we wouldn’t mind going again I was all about it.

Charleston to me is the epidimy of southern charm.  From the cobblestone streets, colorful and cute homes and the nice people, it makes for a great trip for any getaway in the states.  So below I am sharing where we stayed and what we did while we were there and a fun photoshoot with Sofia, my sister Nicole and I.

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Where We Stayed:

Hyatt House Charleston Historic District This hotel is in the heart of Charleston and perfect for families.  Most hotels in Charleston are boutique and not family friendly, where the Hyatt House has an apartment style layout and a full kitchen, living area and separate bedroom.

What We Did:

Day 1: We arrived by 3pm because we took the non-stop on Southwest to Charleston. Got our rental car, went to Target to get some groceries and checked in.  Once all settled we had dinner at The Darling that is a 5 minute walk from our hotel and very popular.  Once we were done we did some walking down King Street and then headed back for the night.

Day 2: Woke up early, got our comfy shoes on and went down up and down King Street.  Where we stayed is called the design district and this is where all the restaurants and bars are.  When you continue going down you will get to the shopping district that then transitions to the antique district.  We went to Rainbow Row, the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park, the City Market, the Confederate Museum and did some shopping.

That took up half the day and around 4pm we decided to head out of the city and go to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens and did a fun tour.  The day was perfect, the sun was shinning and all the flowers were blooming.

Day 3: After a quick photoshoot in the heart of downtown Charleston, we headed to Sullivan’s Island to have a much needed beach day.  If you had followed me at all on Snapchat or my Insta-stories, you could see that Sofia was having an absolutely blast.  Now that she is walking around everywhere all she wants to do is walk straight to the water, play with other kids and rub her fingers deep into the sand and try to eat it.  Just like any toddler. 😉  After about 2 hours we headed back to the hotel and relaxed a little bit before we got changed and headed back out.

After relaxing we headed to Leon’s Oyster Shop for an early dinner and then to the Sugar Bakeshop that was a 7 minute walk from our hotel and shared a chocolate with a vanilla frosting cupcake. <3  Afterwards we did another walk town King Street, but this time we went all the way down to an area called The Battery.  This location ends right at the water and has a cute little park to relax, watch the sunset, have a picnic or whatever else you may want to do.  Once we were we headed down Meeting Street that is parallel to King Street to see more gorgeous homes and enjoy our last night.

When we got back in we decided to order in food and relax, because all that walking left our legs and feet soar.

Day 4: It was our last day in Charleston and first thing we had to do was stop by Callie’s Biscuits to get me a few.  Diego and I really wanted to get some the last time we went, but the line was always outside the door, but this time it was quick in and out situation.  Since we hadn’t been on the  east side of town we decided to venture that way where it took us to the College of Charleston.  The best part was that I was able to see the Phi Mu house and guys, it was so stinking adorable and totally the best sorority house on the block.

After that we headed back to the hotel, packed up all our luggage and headed to the airport.  One of the great things I will say is that in Charleston you will barely get into any traffic, unless you try to drive down King Street, and everything is really close.  I absolutely love that.

So for all my girls and families, I highly suggest going to Charleston.  It really is southern charm.
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Style The Girl Striped Midi Dress Style The Girl Striped Midi Dress Style The Girl Striped Midi Dress

Photos by Nicole Mickle Photography

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